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downloadable-resume-templatesThere are a lot of people out there looking for work nowadays. With the economy the way it is, people who are out of work are having a hard time finding new work and kids out of college are having a really hard time starting out.

So, you can use all the help you can get. I am going to show you a few sites where you can grab free downloadable resume templates. Some of the templates are in PDF format and some of them are in Word format.

The first thing you should do is grab an old copy of your resumé or a list of your past jobs and accomplishments.

That will help you immensely when you need to replace the generic information with your own.

The first site I found has very generic templates that will allow you to totally customize the resumé. This is just for the formatting, there is little to no content that you will be able to use.

These are called Blank Resumé Templates and can be found here:


They offer three types of resumé templates and they are Chronological format, Functional Format and Combination. We will show you each of them here with a link to their respective PDFs

Resume1 This is the plain Jane old school format. Still expected by older companies and should not exceed one page. The next up is a variation on the classic resumé and called the Functional resumé seen below:


And then there is the combination of the both of them:


And next up, we have with their resumé section located at The difference between these two sites is that Collegegrad breaks up their resumés by major. So, you can find a more specific resumé geared towards you to customize. I choose computer science and got this:

3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates resume5

And last but not least, has free downloadable resumé templates broken down in 3 categories:

  • Free Sample Resumés for Extensive & Consistent Work History
  • Sample Resumé for Little or No Experience, Looking for His First Job
  • Sample Resumés for Short but Consistent Work Experience
  • resume6

    And best of all – all this information is FREE! Between this site and browsing other people’s resumés on, or any of the other popular job seeking sites you can customize your resumé and make it pop! Remember a direct cover letter is just as important as a great resume!

    Do you have a favorite free resume template website? Maybe you have some other job seeking tips? Well, if you do, leave them in the comments!

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