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The Pirate Bay is blocked in the UK, The Elder Scrolls is going massively multiplayer, and the world’s elite universities are putting classes online for free. All this and more in episode 19 of Technophilia: “Piracy in the UK“.

MakeUseOf writers live all over the world. Every week, three of these writers virtually get together to talk about the latest technology news and what they’ve been up to. We have a lot of fun doing this, because we usually don’t get a chance to talk to each other out loud. We record our conversations and share them with the world – the result is Technophilia. It’s not officially part of MakeUseOf, but it’s an entertaining way to keep up with technology news.

This week – Dave is having a lot of fun playing with his new Playstation Vita. James is outsourcing the creation of his amazing ideas using, a great place to find freelance programmers and more. And Justin, being cheap, uses Sidepon Sidepon: See Coupon Codes Alongside Any Online Store To Instantly Save You Money Sidepon: See Coupon Codes Alongside Any Online Store To Instantly Save You Money See coupon codes in a sidebar, alongside almost any online store. Sidepon relies on user-contributed codes to function, is quick to check and doesn't require you to register for or install anything in order to... Read More to find coupons while shopping online. James wishes this were a browser plugin instead of a website.

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