Technophilia Episode 37: Go Bing Yourself

Apple announced their sixth iPhone – the aptly-named iPhone 5, Twitter is forced to hand over the private messages of an Occupy protester, and Microsoft gives all of its employees a Windows RT tablet. When reached for comment, employees said, and I quote, “Horray.” All this and the proper way to use “Bing” as a verb in episode 37 of Technophilia: Go Bing Yourself.

MakeUseOf writers live all over the world. Every week, three of these writers virtually get together to talk about the latest technology news and what they’ve been up to. It’s called Technophilia, and while it’s not officially part of MakeUseOf – and is occasionally profane –  it’s an entertaining way to keep up with technology news.

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Dave Parrack

It’s a great episode, guys, but then they all are. It always helps when my name gets bandied about though… it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Ahmed Khalil

Thanks for post, hope also for ping to become more advanced ,we need real competaion with google

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