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faster torrent downloadsAre you an avid downloader? If you are, then you must know that direct downloads and torrents are two of the most popular ways to download files from the net. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But all download methods are always limited by the download source. No matter how fast your connection is, your download can’t be faster than the source speed.

One new web service called tries to solve the problem by downloading the files to their server then letting users fetch those files faster from their server. The service works with torrent files and also files from online storage services. Best of all, the service is free during the beta testing period.

The Reason To Use

Why would anyone use this service? Wouldn’t it be easier to download the files that we want directly to our hard drive without any intermediate party?   Here are some reasons why you should consider using this :

  • Upon signing up, each user gets 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwidth for free. Compared to other online storage services, 20GB of free online storage is a lot. The arrangement will change when the service leaves the beta stage, but has promised that a free option will always be available alongside the paid options.
  • will help users to download torrent files faster to its server and make the files available – either as streaming or as a direct download – also in a faster download speed. Since torrents tend to get slower in time as the number of seeders decrease, this feature is indispensable to torrent lovers.
  • will keep seeding the torrent file until it reaches 1:1.25 ratio. If you’re a torrent fanatic, you will know how important leech/seed ratio is. At the time of writing, the torrent feature is overloaded (by freeloaders, I assume). But other download features are working just fine.

Start Fetching & Streaming

After the usual registration process, you will arrive at your account’s file page. To start downloading, click the “Fetch Files” button.

faster torrent downloads

You’ll get a notification informing you that the torrent fetching is currently overloaded. If you feel lucky, you can try to use torrent fetching. It occasionally works.

faster torrent

Then paste the download link(s) in the “Paste Links” area. You can use any direct download link, or other supported links, including Rapidshare, Megaupload and MediaFire. You can paste more than one link if you want.

faster torrent

Click “Next” to continue.

faster torrent

You’ll get a confirmation window with a list of file(s) that you want to download. To continue, click “Fetch!“.

faster streaming downloads

You can monitor the download by looking at the progress bar. You can also see the download speed.

faster streaming downloads

I tried downloading a torrent file and failed, due to the overloaded service mentioned earlier. On the other hand, the direct download was completed successfully and the completed media file could directly be streamed/downloaded.

01zz torrent n download

To Download, To Stream, & More

All of your finished download(s) will appear on the “Files” page.

faster streaming downloads

When you hover above the file, you will have options to “Download“, “Share“, “Rename“, “Move“, and “Delete“.

02b download to desktop

If you click the “Download” link, the file will be downloaded to your computer, as any normal download would.

04c download

But if you choose to share the file, you will be given a link that you can share with your friends. To improve this feature, maybe can integrate a URL shortening feature to beautify its hideous share URL.

04e share

Other things that you could do aside from downloading files are uploading files from your computer and creating folders to further manage your downloaded files.

04f upload create folder

The ability to upload and share files gives users a stronger reason to use as an alternative file sharing service.

04g upload file

Another possible usage of is as an online media storage. You can upload (or download) your media files to its server and then open them from your mobile devices.

I tried to upload one of my songs, then logged into from my mobile browser and opened it. The song was automatically streamed and successfully played in the mobile media player. Those with limited storage in their mobile device can really use this solution to bring their media collection everywhere. But please note that streaming requires an Internet connection, and on a mobile device that could become very costly.

faster torrent downloads

What do you think of Do you know of other similar services? Please share using the comments below.

Image credit: Sean Davis

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