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I love it when events are timed perfectly. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been contemplating how best to download my photos from my Flickr account before the pro membership expires in March. I kept putting off the task because it wasn’t very appealing to think of sitting at the computer for hours clicking individually on each photo and making multiple clicks to download it. I can think of better ways to utilise my time.

Then today, fate magically intervened and delivered to my RSS reader, FlickrDown. Using the free tool, I managed to download around 2000 original sized photos in about 30 minutes. All I needed to do was point and click.

Flickrdown has two main functions. You can either download photos from your own Flickr account or you can download public photos from other Flickr users by entering details of the tags.

To download photos from your own Flickr account is very easy. All you have to do is enter your Flickr ID then press “authorize”. You will then be re-directed to the Flickr website to authorize FlickrDown to access your account. Authorizing a Flickr ID is not strictly necessary but doing so means you can also download your private photos. You can revoke access at any time if need be.

Download Flickr Photos to Your PC

Once you have entered your username, just press “lookup” and the interface will give you a list of your current Flickr photo sets. Just tick on the ones you want to download, specify a folder on your computer where they should go and then press “download”. FlickrDown takes care of the rest.

Or say you’re looking for photos of Berlin? Then enter “Berlin” under the “tags” column and press “lookup”:


The program will then show you thumbnails of Berlin-tagged photos and you can tick the boxes of the ones you want to download, again choose your target PC folder then press “download”. Easy.

The downloading is quite fast and efficient and it made light work of downloading my photo albums. So if you’re a Flickr user, this is a tool you should definately keep on your computer.

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