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Last week, we asked you How many operating systems do you run? How Many Operating Systems Do You Run? [Poll] How Many Operating Systems Do You Run? [Poll] Read More We received around 800 votes and here is the break down. The majority of you are using two operating systems (that is 43%), following that is just one operating system. I really thought it would be the other way around but, hey times are changing!

19% of you are running three operating systems and 8% of you are running four. Then it starts to dwindle down to 2% for five operating systems and after that we can only imagine those of you who choose more than 5 operating systems have to be system administrators after my own heart! The full responses are listed after the jump.

We also recently moved away from our poll plug-in and have adopted PollDaddy which seems to be working very well. And now on to our new poll: Do you download movies illegally?


Remember this poll is completely anonymous and we will not be reporting people to their respective governments – we swear! We are just looking to see what types of content our readers are interested in! Please select an answer from the poll above and feel free to leave a comment or pen in your own answer by checking ‘Other’.

Do you have ideas for upcoming MakeUseOf polls? If so please, leave your ideas in the comments or email me at karl at MakeUseOf dot com.

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