How To Download Files From RapidShare The Easier Way

00 jDownloader Logo.jpgWhere has modern technology taken us to? The place where almost every aspect of your life is coded into digital bits and bytes. Everything from documents to your working life, from favorite music to social networking; all that can be digitized has been digitized. And once something is in digital format, you can be sure that it’s available on the net.

Translation: almost all aspects of human life is out there on the internet. Or another way to say it is: you can get anything that you need from the biggest library on the planet – as long as you know how to find it. This can be a good thing and also a bad thing. But let’s keep our mindset on the positive side, shall we?

If You Can Make It Complicated…

Pioneered by RapidShare, file sharing services are major players in the business of find-and-get-anything-and-everything. Even though the services’ original purpose was to facilitate web users to share files legally to people they know (or so they said), RapidShare and other similar services have evolved into must-visit “tourist attractions” for file hunters.

how to download files from rapidshare

There are downsides to downloading files from rapidshare . The first one is the absence of search features. The reason is understandable as their service is supposed to be “personal sharing” without the need for a searching ability. You have to rely on third party searching services to find files that you need from RapidShare and other file sharing sites. The second downside are the hassles that you have to go through to download a file: starting from a file size limit, waiting time, absurd CAPTCHA, and other annoying things. While the reason is understandable – they want you to pay for their premium service – these annoyances are – well – really annoying.

…Why Not Make It Simple?

These unpleasantness gives birth to several tools to make our downloading life more comfortable. One of the famous ones is SkipScreen – a Firefox plugin that will “skip” the waiting screen. SkipScreen would be a perfect tool because it’s free and being a Firefox add-on it’s also available for all OS’s. But there are people who want to use similar tools without the need for Firefox. For these people, there is jDownloader. This Java-based application is also free and available for all OS’s.

how to download files from rapidshare

When you open it, a jDownloader window will appear. I tried the Mac version, but the look is very Windows. Appearances aside, the app itself works like a charm. Every time you copy a download link on one of the file sharing services, jDownloader will catch it and check the availability. The link and the status will be displayed in the LinkGrabber tab.

how to download files from rapidshare

Once the file is confirmed with a green checkmark and tagged “online” in the status column, you can select it and click the start (play) button. The file will be moved under the “Download” tab. If the file that you want is no longer available, you will get an “error” message in the status column. If you are currently downloading a file from a specific file sharing service, you won’t be able to start another one from the same service.

Another thing that I found out during my trial time is that sometimes you can resume interrupted downloads and sometimes you can’t. So the best thing to do is try to keep the download process uninterrupted.

download files from rapidshare

There’s one more tab there: the Settings. You can customize so many things here; such as Proxy settings, number of simultaneous downloads, location to save downloaded files, speed limit, etc.

04c JDownloader - Settings.jpg

Under Mac OS X, jDownloader is also available from the menubar. You can access several quick menus by clicking on the menubar icon.

05 jDownloader Menubar.jpg

In conclusion, jDownloader delivers what it promises: to eliminate the hoops that we’ve got to jump through everytime we want to download files from RapidShare and other similar file sharing services. It’s a bit bloated, as expected from Java applications, but takes so much smaller CPU usages compared to Firefox.

07 Usage of system resources.jpg

Have you tried jDownloader? What’s your opinion about it? Do you know any other alternatives?  Please share using the comments below.

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I used to use JDownloader a lot, back when I used Rapidshare quite a bit. Now I use bittorrents and when I need to use Rapidshare I use SkipScreen. One thing that always annoyed me about JDown is that it took a while to load and a lot of times it felt sluggish. I find it worth it when u have to download more than 5 files at a time, since u can just leave it there and it’ll take care of everything.


Ditto. very sluggish the longer it ran for me.



It is a wonderful downloader which I am using it for about 1 year, it is also very handful if you have premium account from different file hosting services and it is a most have app for download geeks, you don’t need to worry about any file sharin sites ,just copy the URL and put the rest on Jdownloader shoulder….
it is so costumizable and have very good support from devs.


Dead End

I’ve been using Cyptload to do the same thing, que and automatically download multiple rapidshare links. Has anyone used both and know how they compare?


I suppose cryptload is marginally better.



I find USDownloader by Dimonius very useful. It accepts a ton of similar websites like rapidshare. It does everything I need when dealing with this kind of sites. Also I am not sure if you wrote about it already or I got it on another site but I also use http:// public.rapidpremium .net/

These help. I tried JD but didn’t like it much. Maybe I’m biased because I got used to USDownloader. :)



The easiest way of downloading trough sharesites is ALLDEBRID.COM .No waiting, ever for large files.

Bama 12 NC

Yes but it in French.



I use to use US Downloader, but I have switched to jdownloader 2 years ago, its supports more sites, and its constantly being updated.
I have no sluggish issues.



This is an excellent tool both for free and premium rapidshare users….



i have use jdownloader before but i’ve stop using it after a couple of month, because of java, i’ve never felt really safe having java in the background, it felt like having quicktime all over again



I love the ability to have it automatically extract all RAR files and then delete them after extraction. A huge time saver when your dealing with a lot of files.



Java gets a lot of undeserved bad press. If it’s up to date, and you keep JDownloader updated, it’s generally clear sailing. It’s the best download manager I’ve used.

Too bad Rapidshare is really honing down the number of slots for free users. The other file-hosting sites have become much more reliable over the past half-year or so.



I use Vity’s Free Rapid Downloader and works great, have a lot of features.


Karl K

This is a most useful article for the free-loaders who use RapidShare, but it is a bit out-dated as of 02-14-10.

RapidShare no longer uses that stupid “Captcha” device for those freeloaders.

Karl K.



Try “”, though it won’t work for file size more than approximately 100 mb


Naruto Episodes

thanks for the skip screen plugin, i always hated the waiting screen.



yep .. slow as hell but then what do you expect with java !!



hi here is a complete list of many rapidshare accounts for free to download

Hurry up


Bama 12 NC

Hey People. Your link SuX. They shut all that down months ago. Who wants the pics anyway. What a waste of time.

I used ALLDEBIRD for 2 days free. Its fast but the firefox plug in is in french and the FROGS wont write a english version. Wonder who will save their country next time its invaded we have saved them Twice in the last 100 years.

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