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download files directly to dropboxFrom the downloadoholic’s point of view, all devices are not created equal. Personal computers – with their ability to download anything anytime – sit at the top of the hierarchy, while mobile devices lurk at the bottom. The reason is, while most mobile devices allow you to browse the net and find things worth downloading, you can’t download anything using those devices.  Normally, the best thing you can do is copy the download link and email it to yourself. Then you can paste the link into your download manager at home when you are at your normal computer.

Unfortunately, mobile devices are the best thing we have when we are away from our personal computers. Even if you can use another computer to work with, most people prefer not to download personal files to their work computer. Especially when they don’t have their USB thumb drive with them.

Meet sideCLOUDload. This is a web service that will allow you to send web files directly to your private Dropbox account storage or email inbox.

Just A URL Away

The combination of sideCLOUDload and your private Dropbox account will act as your virtual USB drive. If you always keep your computer on and the Dropbox client running, you can provide sideCLOUDload with the download URL when you are on the go, and have the file ready when you arrive home.

download files directly to dropbox

To use sideCLOUDload, have the download link ready and put it in the “Source URL” field. There’s no registration process because the service is intended to be used anonymously. You can save your user information if you want to. This step will save you from the boring repetition of filling out the form, but is not advisable if you are using a public computer.


download files to dropbox

If you want to send the file to your Dropbox account, choose Dropbox and fill in all the required fields. Please note that you can change the filename and save location if you want to.

download files to dropbox

The ability to choose your own location to put the downloaded files opens up other possible usages, such as remote triggering torrent downloads How To Trigger the Download of a File Remotely (Mac Only) How To Trigger the Download of a File Remotely (Mac Only) Read More .

If you prefer to have the downloaded files in your inbox, you’ll have a slightly different form to fill.

download files to dropbox

Click the “submit” button to start the cloud download process.

dropbox direct link

That’s it. You’ve downloaded your first file directly to Dropbox. It can’t be simpler than that.

Add A Bookmarklet To Simplify

Another feature that will enrich the downloading experience is the bookmarklet. Go to the lower part of the screen and you’ll see the “sideCLOUDload BookMarklet” button. Click the information link to read more about the item.

dropbox direct link

Drag the button to the bookmark area to install it. You’ll be asked to rename the bookmarklet. Choose something short that you can easily remember.

dropbox direct link

With the bookmarklet installed, you can add any download URL quickly by clicking on the bookmarklet.

According to the information, you can edit the sideCLOUDload bookmarklet to suit your needs. If you want to do that, open the bookmark list.

02c show bookmark

Select the bookmarklet from the list and choose to edit the address.

02d edit address

From the script, you can see three important things. First the “cloudChoice“. You can choose where to send your files between “dropbox” and “email“.

02e script

The second option is the saving location. The default value is “sidecloudload“, but you can change it into the name of other folders inside your Dropbox folders.

The “submitIt” value determines whether to execute the upload directly (“true“), or not (“false“). If you want to change the value to “true“, you have to save your user information on the machine where you have installed the bookmarklet. Again, this is not advisable if you are using a public computer. If you want to, it’s possible to have multiple instances of this bookmarklet installed on your browser, each with different settings.

This is the pop up window that will appear when you click on the bookmarklet.

download files directly to dropbox

I personally find sideCLOUDload very useful. But what do you think? Will you need the service? Do you know of other alternatives?  If so, share them using the comments below and don’t forget to check out our article about a similar service called URL Droplet Transfer Web Files Directly to Your Dropbox Folder With URL Droplet Transfer Web Files Directly to Your Dropbox Folder With URL Droplet If you live and work in a multi-gadget environment, you'll need tools to help you bring your files across the devices that you use. Aside from USB flash drives, cloud storage is another popular option.... Read More .

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  1. Cory Emanuel
    July 6, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Sounds like an interesting Cloud  service. Two  (2) questions that come to mind as i read your piece are as follows:
    1/ Batch processing of download URLs : can it  do so?
    2/ Processing URLs that require user confirmation such as:
        a/ User Authentication
        b/ CAPTCHA Image Verification

    • Anonymous
      July 6, 2011 at 11:15 pm

      As far as I know, the answer is no to both question.