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While HTML5 might be the ‘future of the web’, a majority of websites still use Flash for streaming videos and playing games. These Flash based videos and games come as files with the format FLV or SWF. Using a neat tool called “Download Flash and Video” you can easily capture these files and store videos and games on your computer from almost every website.

download any flash video

“Download Flash and Video” is a free tool that helps you capture FLV and SWF files from almost any website. The tool comes as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. With the add-on installed, when you have a website that includes any Flash-based objects, simply click on the add-on’s icon in the bottom right of the Firefox window. A window will pop up detailing all Flash objects.

You can easily recognize the games and/or videos from this list. Click on your desired object and you will be prompted for a saving location on your computer. Using these simple steps, you will have saved the Flash based video or game to your computer.


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