How To Download Books From Google Books

books   How To Download Books From Google BooksGoogle Book Search, as you know, is a large online repository of books. You can enter a query and Google Book Search will search within the book and return you the results. You can then see a preview of the book and read it.

Some books are available in their entirety, some have limited previews and the others have no previews at all. It so happens that often one needs only a topic or two from a specific book. While the Internet is a good source and has plenty of free ebook sites, I have quite often seen people trying (unsuccessfully of course) to copy-paste, save images or take screen shots of Google Book search results. In this post I am going to show you how to download books from Google Books search.

So, if you have been in a similar situation where you badly wanted a page or two of the book, try the Google Books Downloader.

  • Just download, extract and run the application (make sure you have .NET 3.5 on your system).
  • empty   How To Download Books From Google Books

  • Go to the Google Books page for the book you want to download.
  • preview   How To Download Books From Google Books

  • Copy and paste the book code of the book you want to download.
  • Click the “check” button to check if GBD finds the required book and returns the available pages.
  • Click the “download entire book” button. GBD will now download the book. The number of pages downloaded will depend on the number of pages that are available. If the entire book is available like those in the public domain then GBD will download the entire book.
  • downloading   How To Download Books From Google Books

  • Once the download has completed, you can save the book as a PDF file by clicking on the “Save Book” button.

Now read the book! Of course you can use the application to download books that were not supposed to be downloaded. So you are advised to download the books with caution and at your own discretion. The download takes quite some time to complete so you may have to wait a little before you can reap the benefits of a downloaded book!

Do you like to read public domain books? Did you ever try download books from Google Books search result page previously? How did you do it? Share with us in the comments!

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too bad it doesnt work on my laptop. i have windows xp sp3 with net 3.5.

whenever i run the application, it seem to be no respond. like nothing open and happen.

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Please, Help me… I have already download google book downloader but it is not workinng. What i have to do ???

Are there any link for that??
And what type of instruction required ??


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I’ve downloaded books from Google Books, but I’ve never used this or any application. Most book preview have a little link down along the right to download them as PDFs in their entirety if that’s available.

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please tell me whats the software to download google books and also give me link for downloading this software

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Is this legal?

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Jonathan B.


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There is a Greasemonkey script that does an even better job at this:

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I’m not sure that the Greasemonkey script does the job better. At least this downloader is supposed to download the entire book even if it is a limited preview ;-)

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thanks, it works :)

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Top Internet Blog

great source of free books, thanks for posting

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Been using this method for a while now.
Hasn’t failed me yet!

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Many thanks for your sharing. I really need it.
I tried but it does not work on my XP.
Can you let me know what is “book code”
I check a book, it has ISBN and OCLC number.
Is any one of them book code?
Many big thanks for your reply!

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How do you know where the Book Code is? Where do you find the Book Code?

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Varun Kashyap

When you search for a book and then click on it to view its page the url in the address bar has a part “id=xxxxxxxxxx”
that is the code you need

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please tell me how to download google book. i have installed greesymonkey but it didnt work

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how to get book code?

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Please help me
I want to download

but i cant see the pages…

i’d wait 200Mb and nothing….

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What about this book?…%22+&lr=&hl=sl&source=gbs_summary_r&cad=0#PPA160,M1

ID: E9PDg8-TFlUC (right?)
This ID resulted in the endless loop … Can you please help me?

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Hi Varun,
Thanks alot, I download it & it was very good.
But it was a trial version.
Can you please tell me how to re download it again.
It stopped working.
I think they banned my IP.
I need it so much, please help me

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Aduh,,teu ngarti
susah pisan downloadna
“I can’t allow the intruction,, I can’t get what I need, I can’t use it well!

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Waduh itu siapa komen pake basa lokal? I can not use it either.

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It’s take too long to download my book. This is normal or I do something wrong.
My book have 900 pages.

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aya orang burujul euy….pipilieun nyasar.
“i’m using SP3, unable to run the app”

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can any one send googlebook downloader for me please?
i cant download it.
my mail is :

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Frank H

Hello guys… The GBD (alpha8) doesn´t work anymore. Maybe Google has change something.

But, the greasemonkey script works fine.

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Please Help Me I have GBD but Some Problems

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GBD is dead. Pity! it used to be the best. Now all we have for now is the infamous Greasemonkey script, which almost never works with google preview books.

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This software does not work. Nor does Leech Book, they are all fake. :(