How To Download and Play Kongregate Games Offline

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Kongregate is one of the largest destinations for Flash games – claiming to have a library of over 15,000 available games. This library, while readily accessible on the Internet, has no offline alternative – and even with Aibek’s tips on downloading flash games, Kongregate stumps us all.

There seemed to be no way to play Kongregate games offline. Until now.

We’re going to show you how to download Kongregate games and play them locally on your computer.

This tutorial requires Firefox with the Live HTTP Headers addon. Get them before moving on.

Download Kongregate Games

  1. Open up Firefox and head over to Kongregate. Click Tools > Live HTTP Headers. In the resulting window, switch to the Generator tab. Check request and uncheck images and CSS on the right  side. Make sure Capture is checked at the bottom.
    download kongregate games
  2. Load game you want to download, and watch the Live HTTP Headers window fill with entries. Uncheck Capture when the game starts to load (or you’ll be bogged down with a large number of irrelevant entries). Look for the following pattern:

    #request# GET[numbers]/[numbers]/live/[game-name].swf?kongregate_game_version=[numbers]

    For our example, we’re going to use the Little Wheel game. Our entry appeared like this:

    #request# GET

  3. Right click and Copy the entry.
    Copy the Kongregate Game Entry
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    Paste it into Firefox, remove #request# GET from the URL, and when the page loads you should be greeted by the Flash game filling the whole window. Hit File > Save Page As and select a location to download. It should save as a swf file.

Playing the Game

Head over to where you saved the Flash game and Open With… > Mozilla Firefox. There are two possible outcomes:

  1. The game opens fine and perfectly. You’re at the end of the article. This is the case with Little Wheel.
  2. The game opens, but the game doesn’t work or a message displays telling you to go to Kongregate. You’ll need to follow the next part of the tutorial, which requires XAMPP. XAMPP will emulate a web site so we can trick the Flash game into believing it’s operating on In the video tutorial below, we’ve used the Fantastic Contraption game, which doesn’t work without this following step.

The Workaround

  1. Grab the Self Extracting ZIP Archive from the XAMPP download page. Double-click the extractor, and let it place the files at C: (it’ll create a folder called “xampp” automatically). Don’t be creative with the path, by sticking to a top level folder you skip a step.
  2. Head into C:\xampp\htdocs and create a folder called
  3. Move the Flash game file (swf) into the newly created folder (C:xampp\htdocs\
    The SWF in
  4. Run C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe and fire up the Apache server by clicking Start next to where it says Apache. It should say Running once you click it, as seen in the screenshot below
  5. Direct your browser to http://localhost/ You’ll be greeted by minimalistic list of files in the directory. Click on the Flash game you put into the folder. If all goes well, it should work perfectly – the game should fill up the Firefox window.

To further clarify the steps above, I’ve prepared a short video tutorial:

That’s it for saving Kongregate games to your computer and playing offline. If you have any questions or aware of any easier way to download Kongregate games, feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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A… hmmm … Grab++, which comes with Orbit Downloader,, seems to do the job just fine. Just refresh the page after you activate Grab ++ and in the Grab window you will see all viedos and swf “sniffed” by the program.

Not much a games player myself but i knew Orbit downloads swf-s and videos so i wanted to test the protection :)

Jason K

Interesting. I’ve used Orbit Downloader before, but last time I checked it also tried to install a browser toolbar – a bit too intrusive for me.



AWSOMEEEEEEEEEEEE dawg, gangstas need play time aswell, this will do on my lazy non thugging days hommie. thanks


belajar wordpress

Great, i will download and play the game, i love playing games.


new mini laptops

This is cool, thanks for sharing. I’ll download and play it on my new mini laptop.



It is so much easier to do than what you have described in this tutorial, but YOU should know that.



Sorry, I made a mistake! But why select kongregate. It is easier if you’re looking at flash games at almost any other website.

Jason K

Kongregate is noted as a large Flash game repository – it’s more straightforward to get the game from Kongregate than to hunt down the author.

The other thing is exclusivity – some games can only be found on Kongregate.



The game opens fine and perfectly. You’re at the end of the article



Hey, im a programmer and this looks great, great idea. Only problem i see is that the newer games check if you are using localhost and are limiting the game based on that. Any thoughts on how to hide that from the script?

Jason K

Funny you ask that – one of my original methods could (probably) handle that but I deemed it a bit complex for this purpose – and it was also not portable.

The secret is adding

to your hosts file, at which point you can simply replace localhost with


ok, i see where you are going, here is the rest of my issue. the reason i need to do this is my web is filtered. So no games. We use a proxy to connect. Is the host file your talking about in the browser config, or somewhere else?

Jason K

That should help you. If you’re running Vista, load up Notepad with administrator privileges before editing the file.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, i found it. I changed it but it still somehow points to localhost. I will continue to tinker. Thanks againe.


Jack Waddington

Hi, Jason:
I’m not a game player myself, but am always interested in these kind of work-arounds. I tried for Pwong_2.swf, and all went well until I was denied. Then I stumbled because XAMPP apparently only works with Windows, and I use an iMac 10.4.11. Any suggestions?

Jason K

Have you tried this version of XAMPP?



If you put the .swf file in a folder called “” then you dont have to do all that stuff with XAMPP! Hope that helps some people



Another way to download the games is using Mozilla Firefox, do a right click anywhere and select “View Page Info”, go to the Media tab and in the list look for the items that its address end in “.swf” and have object or embed under type, select it and then click on the “Save as…” button and save it wherever you like.


Zawed X

thanks for the wisdom , Jason K. used it on desktop td pro

I know this next game is not on kongregate; Rapture Capture

Any suggestions on how to get it?

btw at the bottom it says not to link directly to swf file,
so if all else fails i’ll just ask the developer if i can download it.



This Tutorial is just Awesome!
Thank you very much for this technique..



does these games save in the same spot as the online ones do?

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