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If you’re an avid smartphone photographer, then you will likely have a nice collection of Instagram snapshots floating out on the cloud. Sure, it’s easy for your tech-savvy friends to take a gander at the images from wherever they can get a connection, but wouldn’t it be great to keep an album on-hand? It doesn’t even necessarily have to be in physical form, for keeping your memories on a hard drive is just as useful.

Unfortunately, downloading these images can be a bit of a hassle. There are a few workarounds – sharing the image on Facebook, taking a screenshot, etc. However, with the web app Downgram, you can bypass the hurdles and download all of your Instagram pics into a ZIP file right on your desktop.

download all your instagram photos

The app requires you to sign in with your Instagram account, and although it goes without saying, this will give it permission to access all of your uploaded imagesFrom there, you can select the exact images you want to download, and Downgram does the rest.

For those of you who like to crunch numbers, Downgram keeps up with your download statistics. Numbers for ZIPs generated, Instagrams zipped, and even file size data are all available. Other than that, that’s all there is to it. Really.



Downgram is a foolproof web app that works in-browser to let you download any or all of your Instagram photos in the form of a ZIP. If you’re a mobile photographer who wants to keep your memories a bit more safe, then Downgram is for you.


  • Downloads Instagram photos in the form of a ZIP.
  • Works through your Instagram account.
  • Provides file size data.

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