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DoubleClick Adplanner by Google is a media and ad planning tool that can help both advertisers and publishers. For an advertiser, the tool shows sites in different niches and information related to them like pageviews, unique visitors, audience demographics from over 40 nations and much more. One can build a media buying plan by creating a list of websites to advertise on.

For a publisher too this tool is useful. It can help him reach more advertisers and consequently, generate more income.

display ads on website

display ads on website

Recently, Google published the list of top thousand most visited sites on the internet. The list can help advertisers quickly target the top sites for media buys.

display ads on website



  • Media planning tool by Google
  • Advertisers can find relevant sites for media buying
  • Publishers can showcase their sites to advertisers
  • List of top thousand sites on the web available

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