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Normally in voting, each participant gets a single vote with which he must mark his preference. But there are instances when this form of voting is unsuitable. For example, you might want to find out which programming languages your employees are most comfortable with or which ideas, out of a few, do they support the most. In such scenarios, you need dot voting – a form of voting where each participant gets a number of votes to mark his preferences. In the end, the most voted entries are the ones that are most preferred.

Here to help you hold such dot voting events online is a useful web service called DotVoting.

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DotVoting is a free to use website that lets you hold dot voting events online. You start by creating a new dot vote on the website. This is done by first entering your specifics such as name and email address. You then specify the title of the dot voting event and you enter the options. These options are the ones that participants will be voting on.

For each option you must have a topic and a description. You can also specify the number of votes each participant is allowed to have. After your voting page is created, you are emailed its URL that you can share with voters. They can visit the page and mark the options they prefer. Voting is open till a date you specify in the voting event creation process. After this date, you can view the results and see which options were the most popular.




  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you hold dot voting events.
  • Gives you the ability to setup a closing date for the voting event.
  • You can add a topic and description for each voting option.
  • Similar tools: Clip Choose, Polls Boutique, KwikSurveys, Ask500People.

Check out DotVoting @

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