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The web is so vast and has so much to offer, but somehow we only connect and gravitate to content we can understand. Language is still a major barrier for most online media. Fortunately, a project called DotSub allows users to share video content in any language, while having other users translate and upload subtitles for thes videos.

translate movie subtitles

To start using Dotsub, upload your video just like how you upload any other video to YouTube. Then you will be asked to transcribe your video and create subtitles. Once done, Dotsub will organize the subtitles by lines and stops, so that you can translate them one by one or have users translate the subtitles at the same time, allowing for a collaborative approach.

Dotsub opens a lot of possibilities for everyone to discover great videos that they may not be able to watch because of the language difference, making it a great website for curating and sharing videos. This is also a very useful website for those who want to practice learning a new language.


  • Translate uploaded videos into various languages.
  • Slick translation interface.
  • Transcribe uploaded videos.
  • Collaborate translation with friends.
  • View multiple subtitle translations.

Check out Dotsub @


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