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Creating a simple PDF document in Windows isn’t a difficult task. You could do it with Word; save the document as a PDF and it’ll create a PDF file. Even from Google Docs, you could download as PDF. However, when it comes to additional options like password protection and all, you need a tool like Doro PDF Writer. It lets you create PDF files from the “print” dialog box of Windows, and encrypt it with a password, prevent functions like copy/paste, printing of the file and more.

create password protected pdf files

To use Doro PDF Writer, just print the document and in the print box that appears, select Doro PDF Writer as the printer. When you click OK, the software will get activated and return the desired PDF file.


  • Convert documents to PDF files easily.
  • Windows only software.
  • Uses the print dialog to function.
  • Encrypt the PDF files with a password.
  • Similar tools: PDFProtect.

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