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DoorFly is a service that connects home buyers, sellers and real estate agents, with the main focus on home buyers helping them to find the best realtor. The best part is that the buyer does not actually have to search for anyone, the agents find buyer via his DoorFly listings and even offer rebate from their commission.

Here is how it works:

  1. Buyer enters his housing needs. Includes information like desired location, home features and the price he is willing to pay.
  2. Real estate agents bid on his listing, by showcasing their experience, ratings and  rebate of the sales commission.
  3. Buyer compares bids and select the agent.
  4. Agent finds home and pays the buyer the rebate from commission!

find the best realtor

Auction lasts 30 days. You can stop it sooner if you find an agent that suits you.

There are two ways you can get more bids on your listing:

1) Get preapproved with a Lender, who will determine the loan amount you can afford to buy a house. This makes you look as a more serious home buyer and more attractive to real estate agents.


2) Browse Doorfly’s listed agents and invite them to bid.

Service is free to home buyers and sellers, where as agents have to pay the subscription fee.


  • List a home you want to buy and find real estate agent who has the best offer.
  • Enter as many auctions as you need.
  • Select up to 3 counties from one state.
  • Browse real estate agents by states, view profiles.
  • Get more bids by getting pre-approved by lending agency.
  • Service is free to home buyers and sellers.

For more info watch demo below:

Check out DoorFly @

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