Doodle : Quick Meeting Planner

If you have ever tried to schedule a get-together or figure out a suitable meeting time with a group of people, you probably know that it can take a dozen of back and forth emails and phone calls before you find the perfect date and time. Next time you need to schedule a meeting, try Doodle: it’s simple, fast, and doesn’t require any sign-up.

How does Doodle work?

  • 1. Create a poll with your proposed meeting or event times.
  • 2. Forward the link to the poll to the attendees.
  • 3. Follow-up online what the participants vote for.

    Lifehacker: “Doodle is fast, free, and easy–just the way we like things around here.”

doodle meeting planner   Doodle : Quick Meeting Planner

Additional Features

  • Add multple timeslots for each selected date.
  • Optional: Receive an email message each time somebody participates in or withdraws from your poll.
  • Important: Make sure to keep the link so you can later review the poll.
  • Edit and delete polls anytime later.
  • No registration or email required.

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I recommend – it supports meeting across different time zones.

Meetomatic Team

Don’t forget Meetomatic, “World’s Simplets Meeting Scheduler'”!


For business meetings, do not forget TimeBridge
They integrate into Outlook, Google and Macs’ calendars, so you do not need to flip back and forth. They even let you share availability. See full review at

Jo Potts

It’s a nice chart. Simplicity rules. does a similar thing but is geared towards friends working out which weekend people are free on – like the name suggests!

Disclosure: I made it.


GatherGrid is simpler than ScheduleOne:

Attendees can select a time from a simple calendar view instead of a confusing list. They also donate a percentage of ad revenue to the charity of your choice!


Thanks, will definitelly check it out.


Definitely agree, can’t be any simpler. I would say it’s as good as Doodle. Thanks for the link, it’s going to MUO directory. ;-)


Thanks for sharing. We have already covered TimeBridge @ TimeBridge : Automated Meeting Scheduler


Thanks for the link, just checked it out and it looks pretty good. I will do my best to add it to MUO directory within the next week.