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Here is a cool website for your next trip. Wherever you plan on traveling next, make sure to visit This handy website lets you easily create a printable holiday checklist of the items you plan to take with you.

The website is very simple. Once you sign-up and login you can choose the type of holiday you’re planning and then start checking off the items you need. Finally when your list is ready you can print it out and use it for packing. Additionally, you can setup the reminders to your email address. Check out the screenshot below for the whole picture:

DontForgetYourToothbrush - Create your Holiday Checklist


  • Create a printable holiday checklist.
  • Tailor your list for different types of hoildeays (beach, winter sports, camping, business, etc.)
  • Set planning reminders to be sent to your inbox.
  • There is no typing involved, you simply check off the items you need.
  • If the item you need isn’t listed you have the option to add it manually.

Check out Dont Forget Your Toothbrush @

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    July 1, 2008 at 7:20 am


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