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Don’t Eat At is an app for mobile phones that helps users check if they should eat at the restaurant they are planning to go to. The app currently works only in New York City, and uses the Health Department’s graded inspection scores as the benchmark for deciding if the restaurant is fit for the public.

The restaurant needs to score below 28 to be considered fit. NYC has 1,660 restaurants that score over 28, and that’s what this tool alerts you about. It works with Foursquare check-ins, and is developed by Max Stoller, a computer science student at New York University.

what restaurants to avoid

Whenever you enter a restaurant that the app considers unfit, you will get a text message alert from the app. The obvious requirements are that the phone should be connected to the Internet and you should be signed into Foursquare.


  • App that tells you where you shouldn’t eat in NYC.
  • Works with Foursquare.
  • Sends a text message when you enter a restaurant that could close soon.
  • Similar tools: SporkNYC and CleanScores.

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