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DontBreakTheChain is a simple online calendar that helps you accomplish your goals, especially long-term ones. You pick a goal and start marking off calendar days on which you worked toward that goal. Once marked off days accumulate, they form a visual chain of your daily accomplishments, which motivates you not to break the chain by doing incremental investments every day or week toward your goal.

Setup a chain for each different goal (start exercising, stop smoking etc) and assign different text and background colours for each chain. You can view the visual chain of daily accomplishments across a single month, four months or a year.

accomplish your goals

The concept was suggested by a comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld, from the popular show “Seinfeld”.


  • Accomplish long-term goals with a simple calendar tool.
  • Mark off days on which you worked toward the goal and see your accomplishments accross weeks and months on a visual chain.
  • Motivates you not to break the chain by working every day or week toward that goal.
  • Setup chains for different goals.
  • Free, sign up to get started.

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