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keep track of receiptsHere’s a task for you. Go to your inbox right now, and count how many newsletters and promotional emails you’ve received in the past week. How many did you get? 10? 50? 150? How many brands do you get these emails from? 5? 10? Maybe 20? While such emails are sometimes nothing more than spam you can ignore, you sometimes receive them because you actually care about these brands and what they have to say; you don’t want to miss anything important. But good intentions aside, keeping up with the massive amount of emails we get every day is hard. Sometimes it’s almost impossible.

One solution is to go crazy and unsubscribe from them all. In the past, I’ve already shown you three ways to quickly unsubscribe from multiple newsletters Clear Out Your Inbox: Quickly Unsubscribe From Multiple Newsletters With These Tools Clear Out Your Inbox: Quickly Unsubscribe From Multiple Newsletters With These Tools Unsubscribing from newsletters is about more than just spam. Most of the newsletters that fill our inbox are not selling medicine or offering prize money – they’re genuine newsletters from trusted companies we ourselves subscribed... Read More , one of which,, also offers to send you one daily email with updates from your favorite subscriptions. Today I’m going to tell you about a similar solution, but with a much more positive attitude. It’s called Azigo, and it’s going to make you love your subscriptions all over again.

Getting Started With Azigo

Azigo takes all your commercial emails and newsletters, and turns them into a fun-to-browse, Pinterest-style feed. But Azigo is about much more than just browsing your emails, it’s about managing all of them from one place, and never having to see them in your regular inbox again. How does Azigo do this?

keep track of receipts

When you first sign up to Azigo, you’ll get to choose your new Azigo email address. From now on, you can use this address whenever you sign up or subscribe to anything, and your emails will arrive straight into your Azigo account.

keep track of receipts app


After creating your account, Azigo can scan your Gmail account and find all your current subscriptions. You can then pick and choose which ones get into Azigo and which don’t, and add any additional ones it did not detect automatically.

keep track of receipts app

Note that if you grant Azigo access to your Gmail account, it will add a new Azigo label which will suddenly appear on your sidebar and contain all emails Azigo has judged as commercial subscriptions. You can hide it or remove it if you wish.

keep track of receipts app

You’re now ready to start browsing your emails with Azigo.

Reading & Managing Emails

Azigo’s interface is divided into three screens: Stream, Connections and Explore. Stream is where you’re going to be spending most of your time. This is where you browse and read your emails in one of the two available layout options.

track newsletter

See something interesting? Clicking on a tile will open it as a single email, bringing additional options to the mix. In addition to regular email features such as replying, trashing, and forwarding to your regular email inbox, you can also share an email on Facebook, bookmark it in Azigo, mark it as a receipt, or mark the entire brand as a favorite.

track newsletter

There are three stream filters you can use: all email, bookmarks and receipts. The receipt tagging and filtering is especially brilliant, because it takes into account that commercial emails are sometimes more than just newsletters. Keeping receipts separate and making them easy to find and access makes Azigo much more than a mere newsletter organizer.

The Connections tab is where you can view all your current Azigo subscriptions. These will be divided into shelves – your favorite shelf, your Gmail shelf (everything you’ve imported from Gmail), and your “everything else” shelf. From here you can access your individual subscriptions, remove them from your feeds, or from favorites, etc.  For some reason, my favorite feeds didn’t really appear on the favorite shelf, but the entire page is very aesthetic.

Adding Subscriptions

There are several ways to add subscriptions to Azigo, some more useful than others. If you want to add a subscription that wasn’t automatically detected on Gmail, or if you don’t use Gmail and therefore can’t make use of this feature, you have several options:

  • Find the brand in Azigo’s Explore tab and subscribe to it. If you already have an account with that brand, Azigo will help you change your account’s email to your Azigo email.

track newsletter

  • Subscribe or sign up to a website with your Azigo email to automatically receive these emails into Azigo. You can also manually change existing accounts to your Azigo email.
  • Forward emails from your regular inbox to your Azigo email to subscribe to them in Azigo.

This last is the least recommended and the most problematic option of them all. To start, this will only work if the original newsletter was sent to the same address you used to sign up to Azigo. If not, you might get perplexing notifications like this one:

keep track of receipts

My Gmail address is not a Gmail address? Interesting. And that’s without getting into the formatting issue. After getting this alert, you’ll find that your forwarded email had indeed been added to your Azigo feed, but it’s only this one email. You’re not truly subscribed to this feed.

Only if the email has been originally sent to the same email address as you gave Azigo will this process work, so you should keep this in mind when signing up to Azigo.

Bottom Line

Azigo is a slick and fun way to cope with an otherwise tedious task. It’s not without its issues, but if you care about your subscriptions, Azigo will give them attention like they’ve never received. All you have to do is log in and enjoy.

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How do you deal with your commercial emails? Any original or interesting ways? Or do you just plow through them in your regular inbox? Share in the comments!

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