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Want to learn how to use Illustrator but don’t want to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud? Or need to access its features on the go while using someone else’s computer? With Gravit you get a lot of the key features offered in expensive standards like Illustrator or Fireworks.

Best of all, Gravit is completely free. You just have to sign up for an account to use it. Gravit includes basic vector tools: a pen tool, line tool, and a Bezigon tool, as well as shapes including a rectangle, ellipse, triangle, polygon, and star.

Beyond creating shapes, Gravit also has tools similar to Illustrator’s pathfinder and alignment tools, as well as layers, and you can add text and images to your design.


When creating a new document, you can choose the size (including handy presets like Facebook and Twitter covers, standard print sizes, and more) or you can select from some pre-existing templates. These templates, together with Gravit’s showcase, give a great idea of how much you can get out of this web app.

Once you’re done creating your image, you can export it to your computer as JPG, PNG, or SVG. You can also save it online in your Gravit account with the layers in tact and come back to it at a later time.


For an introduction to Gravit’s features, check out the video below:

Have you tried out Gravit? How do you think it compares to Adobe Illustrator? Let us know in the comments.

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