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The London 2012 games started a few days ago with a big splash, and the opening ceremony alone has seen more tweets than the entire 2008 games in Beijing. Seeing that these are very social games, IFTTT, the best known web automation tool around, has launched some ESPN triggers which will help you stay on top of the Olympics without so much as lifting a finger. So how does this work?

Visit the ESPN Olympic coverage channel on IFTTT to find all the Olympics-related recipes currently available. The channel started out with only five recipes, but the bubbling IFTTT community has since increased that number to over 300. For example, you can find a recipe that will automatically send you a text message every time your country wins a medal, or a recipe that will log your country’s medals in Evernote. Once you trigger the recipe, these things will happen automatically.

As the number of recipes increases, so do the chances that you’ll find a trigger that does exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, if you have the patience and will, you can write your own recipe for your own country, if it’s still missing. These triggers and recipes will only be available during the Olympic games, and since some medals have already been won, you better hurry up. You don’t want to miss a single moment!

What is your favorite Olympic recipe? What other recipes would you like to see?

Source: IFTTT Blog


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