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DoneCal is a lightweight and dead simple online calendar to help you keep track of dates and events. This app provides a different approach in working with online timesheets and task records and also serves as a great alternative for calendars like Google Calendar and iCal.

timesheet and calendar

The main interface of DoneCal is the monthly calendar view. You can toggle to weekly views and daily views, and then add a specific event by clicking an area in the calendar. You can also drag the events from day-to-day to adjust your schedule. While you can use DoneCal without signing up, doing so allows you to share the calendar with your friends.

DoneCal also has a slick report function where you can view the days and hours spent per week and you can download your timesheet in Excel and CSV.

Demo video:



  • Free timesheet tracker and calendar online.
  • No need for an account to use.
  • Share calendars with friends.
  • Minimalist alternative to popular online calendars.
  • Export timesheets.
  • View graph for days and hour spent.
  • Similar Tools:, Coolendar, and Weekis

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