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For a webmaster, monitoring domains is a necessary part of the job. The most important thing a webmaster needs to keep an eye on is whether or not his websites are active. While checking this status and other information for a simple website is simple enough, doing so for multiple websites can be a bit complicated. This is true especially for domains from different registrars.

What you need is a better, more efficient domain monitoring tool that helps you out by saving you time. Here to be that tool is the web service Dominder.

monitor multiple domains

Dominder is a free to use web service that helps you monitor multiple domains from the same dashboard. Before you create an account on the website to monitor multiple domains, you might want to check out the single domain testing tool available on the homepage – this tool can be used instantly, without creating any new accounts. You simply type in your domain and the following information is shown – how long before the domain expires, registrar information, owner, email, hosting IP, NS servers, website status, and blacklist status.

To monitor multiple domains, you must create an account and add your domains. You can perform various operations such as selecting all the domains and exporting their WHOIS information to a TXT, CSV, or XML file and download it.



You can also setup email notifications for any alerts and downtimes your added domains are facing. For a fee, you can have the website send you SMS alerts for the same purpose.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you monitor multiple domains from the same dashboard.
  • Offers a sing domain testing tool that does not require a signup.
  • Shows WHOIS, registrar info, active status, and more.
  • Can export WHOIS of multiple sites to TXT, CSV, and XML.
  • Supports email and SMS alerts.

Check out Dominder @

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  1. macwitty
    May 5, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Perfect, esp. when using different registrars