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Domain Typo Generator, a part of the domain tools website helps website owners to discover typos of their domain names which they might consider purchasing to further secure their brand. It applies 6 different sets of typos to your domain – QWERTY keyboard slips, missing letters, double letters, letter swapping and extra or missing hyphens. You can view the results by the name of registrants, by domain’s TLDs and by their name servers (DNS view). You may also export the results in CSV format and view in Microsoft Excel.

domain name typos

domain name typo generator


  • Online domain name typo generator.
  • Six different types of typos sets could be generated for a particular domain.
  • View the results by TLD, DNS or name of the registrant.
  • Export the results in CSV format.
  • For more domain tools see MakeUseOf “domain” section.

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