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The big iPhone application updates keep rolling in and today we have the popular web browser known as Dolphin gaining some really cool new features. The main feature that comes with this update is called “Dolphin Sonar.” This new feature allows you to use your voice to control most of Dolphin’s navigation functions. Dolphin has already improved the web browsing experience on the iPhone by a huge margin, and this update looks to keep that going.

You simply tap the icon or shake your device to enter voice mode. Once in voice mode you can search the web, find what you are looking for on sites like eBay and Facebook or even add a webpage to your bookmarks. It can also create a new tab. Basically, it makes browsing the web a lot quicker and easier. With all the buzz around Siri, more developers are creating their own spin on voice control, and it seems like Dolphin is no exception.

While the main highlight of this update is voice control, that is not all it includes. It also adds their popular “URL keyboard,” which was removed and is now back “by popular demand.” It also includes some new font settings, search engine options and the ability to dim the screen and use “night mode.”

If that cool stuff is not enough for you, you also gain some typical stability improvements and bug fixes. Who doesn’t love those?

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Source: 9to5Mac

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