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Suppose you are collaborating on a document file and sharing it with group members over email.  As a result, you might end up having many versions of the document in your inbox and outbox. DokDok is a tool ensuring that you view only the latest version of the file.


DokDok is a Google App currently in beta and free. “From a given email, DokDok enables users to view and open all associated attachments and email conversations relating to the current message.”

This helps in staying up to date with the collaboration process. While reading an email in Gmail, DokDok lists relevant attachments in your Gmail inbox. Recent attachments received from contacts involved in the conversation are also retrieved by the app.

The app is collapsible and expandable to suit your needs. DokDok archives the history of each document attachment recording its dates of revisions. With its useful feature, DokDok “turns your inbox into a productive document sharing tool.”


  • A user friendly Google App.
  • Monitors all attachments in your Gmail mailbox.
  • While reading an email, you can view relevant attachments and attachments which involved contacts have sent.
  • An archive of document updates is maintained to make sure you are working on the latest version of a file.

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