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While taking high quality pictures through your DSLR camera, you often have to take a few test shots before you can accurately determine the depth-of-field settings for a given picture and camera. But by using an Android app called DOF Calculator, you can quickly determine the depth-of-field settings for a particular picture.

depth of field measurement

DOF Calculator is a free smartphone application for Android devices. This app lets you find out the depth-of-field settings for a certain picture. The first thing to do is select your camera from available model options the app provides. The available phone models include popular SLRs, DSLRs, and compact cameras. Next you specify your camera, lens, and aperture settings and obtain the depth-of-field measurement for photographs.

The app calculates aperture from F/1.0 to F/128, focal length from 4mm to 1000mm, and subject distance from 1cm to 1km. Your last selected settings are automatically saved so you do not have to reset them each time you run the app.

depth of field setting


Get DOF Calculator by searching for it in the Android Marketplace or check it out @

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