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Are you looking for a full-featured file and document manager for your iOS device? If so, you will love Documents By Readdle. It is packed with features, and it does everything you could ever need it to with your documents and files. The app is able to handle PDFs, music, videos, books, and almost anything else you could ever imagine. On top of just managing the files, it can also be used to annotate each and every one of them. It truly is a deep application that is well worth having installed on your device.

annotate anything

The layout of the application is very similar to what you would see on a PC or Mac. This means it should feel comfortable for anyone who has ever managed files on a desktop. All of the options for navigating the app are performed through the bottom of the screen. In here, you will be able to jump between the different sections quickly and easily. You can click any file to open it, and for certain kinds, you can highlight and annotate them. It even comes with a media player, so you can listen to your music right from within the app.

documents by readdle

The app also works with iCloud, so you can sync many of your files across all of your devices. It also integrates with popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. It even has an integrated browser so you can download files directly from within the app.


  • Easy to use file manager on iOS.
  • Annotate and edit files from the app.
  • Syncs with many cloud services.
  • Built-in browser for downloading files.

Find Documents By Readdle on the iTunes App Store

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