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While the default choice of many who want to stream videos is YouTube, people who want to stream documentaries need something else. The video length limitations of YouTube make it difficult to find good documentaries on there. Here to serve as the best tool to stream documentaries online is a site called DocumentaryTube.

various documentaries

DocumentaryTube is a free to use web service that serves you documentaries from around the web. Documentaries can be browsed according to the topics they cover, their recentness, or you can simply check out the list of the top 100 documentaries on the site. Each documentary you find on the site is accompanied by a description to define what it is about.

various documentaries

You can click on the “Watch Documentary Online Now” link next to each description and begin streaming the documentary. On the streaming page you will find further details of the documentary and options to share, rate, and comment on it.




  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you stream documentaries online.
  • You can view top rated 100 documentaries, browse the latest ones, or look for documentaries categorically.
  • You can rate, comment on, and share documentaries.

Check out DocumentaryTube @

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