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Video documentaries are a wonderfully informative way to learn about topics you are unfamiliar with. While numerous websites offer free documentaries, very few offer free legal documentaries that are relevant to current global topics. Documentary.Net is one of these few services.

informative documentaries

Documentary.Net is a free to use website that offers a collection of informative documentaries that are mostly focused on current global topics. Topics such as Gaddafi’s death, Steve Jobs’ passing away, modern rock music, the fear of nuclear power, etc. are all addressed in the videos on the site. You can search for something in particular or simply browse the site for documentaries that interest you. Documentaries can be browsed by length and genre.


Documentary.Net is an excellent place for filmmakers as well. The site can help you promote the documentaries you have made after you provide its details to the site. Tutorials and guides for filmmakers are also available on the site.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you watch informative documentaries for free.
  • You can search or browse documentaries.
  • Offers tutorials and guides for filmmakers.

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