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DocumentaryHeaven is a free documentary website that provides a handpicked collection of documentary films. All films can be watched online and there is no sign up. You can search for documentaries and browse them by categories such as activist, celebrity, conspiracy, mystery, war, technology… etc. The site currently lists around 170 documentaries and more being continuously added.

documentaryheaven   DocumentaryHeaven: Free Documentary Films


  • Free online documentary collection.
  • Search and browse documentaries  by categories.
  • Lists around 170 documentaries and more being added.

DocumentaryHeaven is not the only place where you can watch documentaries, previously we have reviewed number similar sites: TopDocumentaryFilms, 911docs, MoviesFoundOnline, Bodocus, FreeDocumentaries and more here.

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Is there anyway to rip/download the videos from this site and watch them later? some of the docs look very interesting but its rare i can find 2+ hours to sit and watch in one session…..