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improve photography skillsTaking daily photos is a great way to create a visual history of your life. As time goes by, you can look back at some of the places you have been and experiences you have had. On top of all that, you will get more use out of your camera and improve your photography skills.

The concept of sharing daily photos is nothing new. Nancy wrote an article a few months back featuring 4 great photo websites Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More , and we’ve covered sites like DailyBooth in our directory. However, if you are into taking daily photos and think the idea of calendar-based photography is pretty cool, you are going to love Shuttercal.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the features of Shuttercal, highlighting everything that makes this website useful.

Introducing Shuttercal

I should point out that in Nancy’s article Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More I alluded to earlier, Shuttercal had several favorable mentions in the comments. This tells me that a lot of people are already using the service and it is doing quite well. In fact, Shuttercal’s website states that they are “the world’s leading dedicated daily-photo website.” Whether this is true or not is still unseen, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Shuttercal’s website also covers the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ associated with using the service, which I will attempt to expand upon here.

What Is Shuttercal?

In its simplest form, Shuttercal is a calendar.


improve photography skills

Upon first signing up for the service, you are taken to your MyCal page, which is your personal calendar where you can begin taking on your photography project.

To get started, you just click on a day and you are taken to the Add Photo screen. There you can upload your photo for that day and write a small caption for it. You can do this for any day you want, so you don’t have to worry about starting in the middle of a month or anything like that.

Explore The Community

If you get bored or don’t know exactly how to proceed with your calendar project, you can take a look at what others in the community are doing with their calendars.

Click on the Explore tab to see thousands of new photos added by the community. New Photos is the default view, but you can also see New Comments, New Users, Top Faves, photos by date added, and a random calendar with Random Cal.

improve photography skills

Click on any photo you want to see an enlarged version of it. Once you do that you can add it to your favorites, share the URL or embed the image, leave a comment, or share the photo on Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon.

Discuss Projects With Others

improve photography skills

One feature of Shuttercal that peaked my interest was the forum. This is where you can discuss projects and learn new things with the rest of the community. Discussions cover everything from general topics to Photo Talk, Projects & Meet-ups, Cameras & Equipment, Life, and Shuttercal-related topics like new features and tips & tricks.


If you’re interested up to this point you might want to check out some of Shuttercal’s premium features like the ability to print your project and produce shoe boxes, postcards, and such. There is also a premium iPhone app as well.

Will you be using Shuttercal to document your life with daily photos and improve your photography skills? Is there another service you’ve been using to accomplish this?

Leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below, and if you found this article useful, share it with your friends/followers!

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