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The world of web working is expanding rapidly and, as such, the need for a quick and easy way to sign documents and contracts increases. DocShaker offers a fast and easy way to create, receive and sign such documents online.

Creating and sending is easy. It involves creating a contact by entering his/her name and e-mail and then creating a “˜template’ which will act as the bare bones for the contract. You do this using a rich text editor on the site; although you can also simply paste in your own template. A good template includes spaces for names, dates, terms and the header.

sign documents online

Once this is done, simply save the template and create a document like I’m doing in the screenshot above. Name your document and the person concerned and then select your template. Then, you can further edit the template to make it specific to this agreement by entering in exact details such as monetary values, timeframes and persons involved. You can also add expiry dates and authentication methods (you can even select Twitter if you want your client to agree by tweeting the document).


Once you have previewed the document in whichever format you intend to send it as, click “˜save and send‘. This will bring you to a page where you can customize the message your correspondent will receive. The document URL is also supplied on this page. Click “˜Send‘ to dispatch the document. When it is signed, you will be notified via e-mail.


  • Quick and easy way to send documents and contracts
  • Can be verified easily by Twitter or OpenID
  • Add expiry date
  • Easily customizable using Rich Text editor
  • Save documents, contracts and contacts for later
  • Similar tool: Middlepost.

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