Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money You’ve Spent On Steam?

steam logo   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?Steam‘s annual holiday sale just recently ended and I know some of your wallets are really hurting right now. Day after day, flash sales and daily specials hit us in the face and it was hard to resist. Hundreds of titles were discounted on the Internet’s premiere gaming giant, and hundreds of thousands must have been purchased (that’s just a guess, no hard facts to back that up).

I’m at a point in time where I’m finding less time that I can put towards gaming, but my shopping habits remain unshaken. I can’t resist a deal, and it’s as if collecting titles is just as fun for me as actually experiencing the gameplay. Sad life over here, right? A few days ago I actually stumbled across a really useful and interesting website that allows me to visualize exactly how much I’ve wasted on Steam.

Money Spent on Steam

Wasted on Steam is a website that aggregates a load of statistics from Steam users and presents it in a way that makes it easy and fun to visualize and understand.

wastedonsteam1   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

Enter a Steam user’s ID in the field or, if you’re a Steam user yourself, I highly recommend connecting your Steam account to WoS (as I’ll abbreviate it from here on). It’s completely secure and allows you to control your Steam profile on the website. Doing so will then bring you to your profile page, which may take a few seconds to a minute to update completely.

wastedonsteam2   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

At this top of this page, you’ll be shown a quick summary of your statistics. This includes your games owned (without DLC), games played, total hours played, total achievements, games completed, and approximate account worth. It will also layer your Steam avatar, as you can see it did with mine (the dog, which is one of the best avatars to show up in your face after you’ve been killed in a round of Counter-Strike).

Further down the page, you’re able to see a few visualizations and your entire library of games.

wastedonsteam3   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

To the left, there is a menu that allows you to navigate to other areas of your profile. You’re able to see additional statistics based on your friends, wish list, and Steam achievements. Further down you’re able to filter your entire library by what’s on sale, time played, and achievements. From there on, you are shown your entire library of games as links that offer more information about each game.

wastedonsteam4   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

Other areas of the website include the Sales Tracker, which allows you to view and sort sales on services that extend even beyond Steam (such as Amazon and GameStop).

wastedonsteam5   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

The Profiles, Games, and Achievements pages offer global statistics for each area of Steam.

wastedonsteam6   Do You Want To Know How Much Time & Money Youve Spent On Steam?

It’s tough to imagine that some people have over 30,000 game hours and have earned more than 5,000 achievements!

If nothing else, Wasted on Steam is a fun website to check your own status within the global community or look into a friend. It really takes playing, buying, and completing Steam games and gives it a sort of competitive nature. Wouldn’t it be cool to reach the top 100 in total achievements within the WoS community?

What are your rankings look like and what do you think of Wasted on Steam as a whole? Let me know in the comments!

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Alex Downs

I’m going to avoid under the mentality of ignorance is bliss. It’s like asking me how much I’ve spent on Magic: The Gathering; I don’t want to think about it. lol

Mihovil Pletikos

why would anyone want to know that? :)