Do You Actually Shop On Black Friday? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Last week we asked which is the best free anti-virus out there. Many of you voted for your favorite software, and at the end it came down to an extremely close battle between Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. Curious which one came first? Read on to find out!

Out of 2,218 votes in total, 0.5% voted for Lavasoft’s free anti-virus solution, 4.5% chose Malwarebytes (despite it not being technically an anti-virus!), 8% voted for Avira, 16% chose AVG as the best free solution, and with a difference of only 5 votes, Microsoft Security Essentials pulled forward for a last-minute win over Avast, both of them getting 33% of the votes. 6% of the readers voted for an option not mentioned in the poll.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.


This week’s poll question is: Do You Actually Shop On Black Friday?

Want to make some extra MakeUseOf reward points? The most useful comment on the poll will be awarded 150 points!

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US, is the first official day of Christmas shopping, and as such, it’s known for its huge sales both online and in brick and mortar stores. Despite it being an American tradition, Black Friday has spread to other places in the world, where it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving and everything to do with shopping. Most big stores and many small ones offer pretty good deals on Black Friday, but do you really take advantage of them? Are you an avid Black Friday shopper who stands in lines outside stores for a good deal? Do you keep your Black Friday shopping to online stores? Or maybe you don’t care about Black Friday at all? It’s time to vote!

Do you even have Black Friday in your country? What do you think about the Black Friday sales tradition? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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