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Do I get paid enough? OR
How much I should be looking for
when negotiating my salary?

There are 2 services that can help you find these things out by looking at salaries of other people with same or closely similar jobs and background. In both cases before you can get personal report you need to signup and provide bunch of background job related information beforehand.


PayscaleWith 300.000 new profiles added to the database monthly payscale can provide very detailed and accurate report regarding your current salary. In addition to a bunch of salary charts you also get detailed info on bonus, commission, hourly rates, health and vacation benefits of people with similar jobs. There are 2 subscription options

1. Free PayScale Membership

  • comparative salary or hourly rate data
  • access upto 3 profiles with similar job titles
  • matching job listings and educational opportunities

2. PayScale Premium Membership ($19.95)

  • Jack Chapman’s Salary Negotiation Guide (PDF version)
  • PayScale Premium report(pdf and online version) – see yourself underpaid? Share it with your boss!
  • comparative salary or hourly rate data along with bonus and commission
  • see how vacation, health benefits and profit sharing vary in your industry
  • see how location, experience, and education influence pay in your field
  • access upto 10 profiles with similar job titles
  • matching job listings and educational opportunities

SalaryScout salaryscout

salaryscout has much smaller database but has some twists that makes it attractive as well. It’s completely free, easier to use and most importantly has a rating system letting everyone vote on jobs and salaries of others. Since all salaryscout profiles can be viewed by any registered member there are couple tips you may want to take;

  1. Choose a random username that isn’t associated with your physical or virtual life
  2. Use more general but similar job title or occupation rather than something specific. For instance, if your real title is “˜TESCO Business Systems Analyst,’ an ideal choice would be “˜Business System Analyst’ or ‘Business Analyst’

this way you hide your identity and at the same time provide people with enough information for accurate rating. For some salary negotiating tips check out salaryscout blog.

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