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When you type a URL in your browser address bar (e.g., it is converted by your Internet service provider’s DNS (domain name system) service into an Internet protocol understandable by remote machines. Most people use the default DNS service of their provider to resolve the websites they visit.

DNS Jumper is a handy software tool that replaces the default DNS service provided by your Internet service provider and as a result offers extra features. It helps you access websites that were blocked by your provider, might increase your browsing speed, improve your security by using secure DNS servers, protects you from malware sites and protects your children from unsafe and adult sites.

To try it out, download the software (zip file) from their website, unzip it and run. No installation needed. Next, select your network adapter, choose a preferred DNS Server and click “Apply DNS” at the right. To restore your default DNS settings, select “Default” and click “Apply DNS”.

If you are really obsessed about speed, check out the “Fastest DNS” option. It automatically finds you the fastest DNS server from the list and lets you connect to it with a single click.


DNS Jumper is freeware and portable, so you can take with you anywhere and use it from a USB drive on other computers.


  • Access blocked websites.
  • Access Internet using secure DNS servers.
  • Protects from malware websites.
  • Can speed up your browsing.
  • Automatically finds fastest DNS server.
  • Flush DNS – purges DNS cache.
  • Supports IPv6 protocol.
  • Change and restore settings in one click.
  • Select from DNS servers or manually enter your own preferred DNS servers.
  • Multiple languages supported – English, German, Spanish and others.
  • Similar tools – DNS Angel, Freegate.

Check out DNS Jumper @ (via Freewaregenius)

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