Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

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DMDpanorma300 e1333648495239   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]I love taking photographs with my iPhone. It has a great camera that is with me all the time. It takes beautiful pictures with the built-in camera application, and with some downloaded apps, it can do some incredible things. For general photo taking, I am a big fan of the free application called Camera Awesome. I use it almost every day.

The one thing I have never messed around with on my iPhone is putting together panoramic pictures. That changed when I started playing with DMD Panorama. DMD Panorama takes some of the nicest panoramic photographs I have ever seen. If you are looking for a nice wide shot to use as your Facebook cover album, this application will do that for you. Best of all, the app is incredibly easy to use.

Set Up

First, you need to download the application from the App Store. The app costs just $1.99. Once you install the app, open it up and it will take you right to the screen to take a photo.

dmdpanorama1 e1333638779825   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

Before you take your first photo, I recommend tapping the “Gallery” button, and then clicking “Settings.” From here, you can set up your Dermandar account, which allows you to store your photos in the cloud. This way, you can easily view your photos wherever you go. While there, you can link your device with Facebook and Twitter, so you can easily share your creations.

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Take Your Photo

Obviously, the fun part of this application is creating beautiful photographs. If you are just opening the application, you start at the screen to take a photo, if not, just tap “Create” on the bottom left of the screen to get to the right place.

dmdpanorama2 e1333638815953   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

The first step in taking a panoramic photo is holding your device vertically. The application will tell you to make sure the device is vertical, and it will not go any further in the picture-taking process until it is. Once it detects that your device is vertical, the “Hold Your Device Vertically” text will go away, and the dot in the symbol will turn green. This lets you know that you are ready for the next step.

dmdpanorama3 e1333638850365   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

Once you have your first shot lined up, and you are holding the device vertically, tap the “start” button. It will take the first image, and the ying and yang symbols on the top will be spaced apart. Rotate in the direction you want the photo to go, and when the two symbols link up, it will take the next picture. You can click “finish” any time after the first two pictures.

dmdpanorama4 e1333639071346   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

After you snap the photo, it will show you a beautiful view that pans around the picture. It provides you with an amazing feel for how your image came out.

After The Photo

Of course taking your picture is only a small part of the fun. The real fun is showing off your amazing creations. If you click on the “gallery” button, you can get access to your panoramas and share them with the world. If you created an account within the app, you can upload your images to their server, which allows you to get access to them from anywhere, and it allows other people with the app to see your images.

dmdpanorama5 e1333638992541   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

You can also tap the Facebook or Twitter logo to share your images with friends. You can email your images or save them to the camera roll on your device.

The Public Gallery

dmdpanorama6 e1333639028230   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

The Public Gallery is the place to come and see panoramic images from other users of the app. You can click the image to view it, and once it loads, you can swipe around the screen to move it and view other parts of the picture. If you enjoy an image in the public gallery, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter.


dmdpanorama7 e1333639114144   Use DMD Panorama To Create Beautiful Panoramic Images In A Snap [iPhone]

If you are looking for an elegant, easy to use panorama solution on your iPhone, look no further than DMD Panorama. It makes taking panoramas in up to 360 degrees easy. It has a beautiful interface, and is an absolute joy to play with. For me, it is a must own application.

What did you think of DMD Panorama? Do you want to share your creations? Hit the comments section below!

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Not free as of minutes after this post

Dave LeClair

poor timing!


Narvin Gumbs

Not free but if you must pay for an app, try autostitch.
its 1.99 but was one of the first applications anywhere for any platform to do image merging and panoramas. There is a free Windows version.

Get the iOS version here :

Dave LeClair

Thanks for the recommendation!


Laurent Ho

How does this compare to photosynth by Microsoft? Been using it free for a while now and it’s great for creating pano shots quite easily as well.

Dave LeClair

It seems that people prefer photosynth, but options are always a good thing.


Oh, I do love your dark bedroom! So cozy and roitnamc! I honestly keep going back and forth every day. And since I won’t get to painting that room for a few weeks, this could be longest decision I make! Ahhh!



wow, the results look massively distorted. and seriously, why pay for it when photosynth is free?

Dave LeClair

I found that with practice I was able to make them look very smooth.



Photosynth all the way.

Dave LeClair

I haven’t used Photosynth, but it seems to be coming highly recommended! I will check it out.



got it for free yesterday…just love it…great app for taking panorama photos….highly recommended whether free or not (though getting it for free is awesome)….

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