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Boxee may be best known for its media center, but that’s far from all D-Link has been up to with the brand. Today the company has released a free iPad app to flank the Boxee software 5 Things You Need To Do After Installing Boxee 5 Things You Need To Do After Installing Boxee Read More that it already offers to PC, Mac and Linux users.

The new app, much like the media center, is designed to offer an all-in-one interface that can handle your online video needs. While the interface should be familiar to anyone who has used a Boxee product before, it’s been slightly tweaked to work with a touchscreen interface.

Support for streaming video Capture Streaming Video From Any Website With These 5 Tools Capture Streaming Video From Any Website With These 5 Tools A majority of today's internet traffic consists of streamed video. But video streaming can be expensive with data caps. The solution is to capture streaming videos and download them to your computer. Read More is high on the new app’s list of features. Those who own an iPad and a Boxee Box will be able to send video content from your iPad to your HDTV. Streaming from a PC or Mac to the iPad is also supported new software known as Boxee Media Manager. Linux users are unfortunately left out.

Other features include “Watch Later” which lets you bookmark videos on the web, adding them to a playlist in your Boxee app for later. Facebook compatibility is included in the form of a playlist that is automatically updated with videos posted by friends.

Not all the news is good. Some features that will be familiar to Boxee Box owners, such as the unique apps available to the device, are not a part of this app. This includes Netflix and Vudu, which reduces the app’s usefulness as a true all-in-one media dashboard. Still, it’s free and can stream video support, which should be enough to entice media addicts.


Source: Boxee Blog

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