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Do you have stuff lying around in your room which you use once in a while? Well, you can now share the cost of keeping the product by sharing ownership with other users through a service known as DIYFractional.

share ownership

To use the service, you must register with DIYFractional. DIYFractional is like a community website where you can post about sharing ownership of assets you don’t use that often, find people who own a pricey asset you would like to use and much more.

After registering, simply go to the connect section and look for sharing opportunities if you are looking for a product. Otherwise, if you are in possession of an asset and want to share the cost, post the sharing entry on the DIYFractional community and find other users who are looking for it.

The service offers two plans – free and paid. Under the free account, you can browse the community forums, post items, respond to people’s questions, access member profiles, blog, answer questions and much more. The paid plan costs around $10 and offers many other features like expense tracking, unlimited partnerships and much more. The service is still in the beta stage so you may not find everything you are looking for.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Share expenses with other users.
  • Post sharing requests.
  •  Manage payments.
  • Currently in beta stage.

Check out DIYFractional @

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