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If you are looking for an online interface creator, then Divshot is where your search ends. Divshot is an excellent web service that currently offers its services for free; the site states that it will be introducing premium plans soon. Using this website, you are able to setup the visual interface for your HTML5 web apps or webpages within minutes. You start by visiting the website and then creating an account on Divshot. You can then sign into your account and begin creating your interface. In the top left corner of the page you can create new pages for each interface; new folders can also be created to sort your pages according to each project.

interface builder html5

You get a number of template options each time you add a new page. The interface itself is present in the center pane while the objects you can drag onto the interface are placed in the rightmost pane. The objects you drag are editable and can be modified to suit your design. A selected object’s hierarchy is shown in the top left of the page; for example you will see the following when you are editing text within a paragraph:

“ Container:- Layout:- Column:- Well:- Paragraph ”

You can select any option in this hierarchy to jump to the particular element. When you are finished with your interface, you can use Divshot’s options to either download the entire project as a ZIP archive or simply copy the code of your current interface.



Divshot also has a Chome application for greater accessibility.


  • A user friendly web service
  • Helps create visual interface for HTML5 web apps
  • You drag interface objects to canvas
  • Can port entire project to ZIP archive
  • Let’s you copy code of interface

Check out Divshot @ and its Chrome app @

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