Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Ditching your cable company has never been more viable than it is today. The rise of online, streaming TV shows allows you to save on one of the most expensive household bills if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of the convenience of having either a cable box or DVR. The main question you will need to ask yourself is what shows you actually enjoy watching. Several name brand shows are now available online in free, ad supported formats; if your particular shows are not available then you may be stuck with your cable company, at least for now. More and more shows are always coming online, so keep checking back to see if your favorite show is available.

1. Joost

joost   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Joost, formerly known at the Venice Project, is the undertaking of the creators of Skype and Kazaa. Using P2P protocol to deliver its video, it is a free, legal video service. Joost is currently in deals with several networks including CBS, VH1, MTV, other Viacom channels as well as several other video distribution networks. Joost’s interface is one of the best around, and is meant for a ‘big screen’. It is workable via mouse, keyboard, or remote control. The strong point of Joost is it’s interface and its content that is available so far. A sampling of currently available shows:

  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Jericho
  • CSI
  • MacGyver
  • GiJoe
  • Several VH1 Shows
  • Top Fifth Gear
  • Punk’d

joost2   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

The weakness of Joost is also its content. Although there is a huge amount of content available, it is mainly niche content and is not very attractive for a large audience. Since there is so much content it is necessary to wade through much of it to find the gems. If Joost can get additional deals with other networks, it could really be the cable killer. However, since cable systems own stake in many distribution companies, I have a feeling that they are not very anxious to get their content online. Therein lies the problem – not a technical one but a political and dollars and cents problem.

Joost is in ‘beta’ but is now open and available for all to download at http://www.joost.com.

2. Hulu

hulu   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Hulu is where it’s ‘at’ if you want to watch many of your favorite shows online. It is a project of NBC Universal and News Corporation and is currently in private beta. If you want me to send you an invitation I currently have 10 invites – please add your email to the comments area and I will send one off. If I have used my invites up – please use [NO LONGER WORKS] InviteShare to get an invite.

The single biggest feature and draw of Hulu is the volume of shows available. Not all content is available but a handful of currently airing shows are available to stream, as well as a multitude of ‘Clips’. Shows currently available include (but are not limited to):

  • The Office
  • Family Guy
  • Saturday Night Live
  • American Gladiators
  • Prison Break
  • The Simpsons
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • House

As you can see – it is an impressive offering. Hulu also allows you to embed whole shows or clips into your website in a YouTube-esq fashion.

hulu2   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

The downside (isn’t there always one!!) is that the interface isn’t the greatest. It is pretty apparent that this is meant to be a small screen offering; you need your mouse to navigate the shows.

Hulu offers a multitude of shows and therefore in my own eyes is the best video site currently out there. They are always adding more shows and as it moves out of beta we may see more providers sign on.

3. Episodes via Network Websites

The television networks are now streaming a lot of their content onto their own individual websites. Remember the writer’s strike that recently settled? That is what it was all about – the writers were not getting a fair share of online ad revenue.

Dealing with each individual network is a pain but if you know where to look there is a lot of content available.


abc   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

This is a sampling of ABC shows are available:

  • Lost (HD)
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Ugly Betty
  • According to Jim


mtv   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Shows such as:

  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge
  • My Sweet 16
  • The Hills

Discovery Channel/TLC/Animal Planet

  • Dirty Jobs
  • SmashLab
  • FlipThatHouse

There are too many networks to list all of them, but check out the website of your favorite network and see if they offer streaming shows online. You’ll be surprised to find that many of them do!

4. Miro

miro democracy   Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Miro player is technically a video player. It does not have any direct content, so you need to be able to add content to it using RSS feeds.

Using its directory there are a plethora of Video podcasts available, such as Diggnation, Tekzilla, CBS News and much more. Adding this content to Miro is easy, however shows must be downloaded before you can watch them. Miro will gladly run in the background and download new shows as they are available. However, this can quickly add up to a lot of disk space lost, so you may want to customize your settings to only keep a few shows at a time.

The Killer feature of Miro is the integrated BitTorrent client. It allows you to set up an RSS feed of episodes which it will then automatically monitor and download. One such site that offers these types of RSS feeds is tvrss.net.

So about that television provider…

As you can tell, the choices available for replacing your television provider are really getting viable. Although nothing beats plopping down in front of the television after a long hard day at work, products such as Joost almost replace your current set top box and actually Joost is rumored to be working with hardware providers on creating a Joost set top box. DVR functionality isn’t quite there yet; but with content being on-demand on many of the sites above, replacing a DVR may work for many people.

Have you already made the cut? Please let us know about your experiences with ditching your cable company!

_ _ _ _ _

    UPDATE 1: (Hulu Invites)

    Hi folks,

    My name is Christina and I work at Hulu. I noticed a bunch of readers were interested in getting Hulu beta invites. We’ve created a page at www.hulu.com/beta/makeuseof that will provide the first 500 users a Hulu beta invitation. Just submit your email address and we will send you an automated email with your temporary login and password. We hope you will enjoy!

    Let us know what you think after you check it out. feedback@hulu.com

    UPDATE 2: Sorry guys, all invites are already gone.

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Chris Miller

Great article. I knew about Joost, but I never heard of hulu before. If you still have some invites left, could I snag one for hulu? With the network websites, you left out Fox. Fox allows you to view their shows a day after they air.


Streaming TV Episodes is the best site that I’ve found for looking up where to find television shows online. It links to most of the networks full episode players. The site also has many TV episodes from HULU available for those of you that don’t have HULU accounts. Sorry I’ve no HULU invites though :/


Could I get a Hulu invite?

Dave Drager



Try out freetube.us.tc , it’s an actual real cable alternative and it’s completely FREE to use.


Well those are all fine but Joost is not worth your time, Miro is overrated, Hulu is great but it’s only for US (they don’t update as often as I’d like). Plus these aren’t real cable alternatives, they’re not live most you just have to hope that your show becomes available and you have to watch right then and there (as in 2 days to watch it before it gets deleted)

I highly recommend (because it’s free) FreeTube( http://www.freetube.us.tc ), it’s a more realistic cable solution, lets you watch certain TV channels in live video. So you can watch CNN or NBC as it airs – again you have to catch the schedules and watch what’s on at that point but at least you’re not left wondering whether it’s going to work or not and it’s not geo-restricted. All you need is windows media player or quicktime or an alternative plugin.

There are a few bugs to it, like there’s no schedules yet but it definitely works great.


Dave, can I get an invite sir, thank you, Bryan.


oh please, can I have a hulu invite…I also need instructions! Im a total Non-techy. I heard that you can hook it up to your television as well, is this true? How do you do it?


can i get a invite to that web site hulu please
my email adderss is BOOTS507@GMAIL.COM
thank you,


Can I get a Hulu invite please :)

Dave Drager

Just sent your invite.


Never knew about any of these sites. Thanks for the heads up. I wouldn’t mind an invite to hulu too please.


Dave Drager

Invite sent Cedric!

Cubicle Dropout

There are also free alternatives using free2air satellite setups. Not an internet based solution, but worth looking into


This is a great post.
Could I also have an invite to hulu?

Dave Drager

Martin, invite sent!


can i have invitation to HULU

Dave Drager

Sent! Enjoy.


love your site…..spare a hulu invite? thanks

Dave Drager

Draven: I received this message: This email address has already been associated with a Hulu account.

Looks like you already have one!


:-) :-)

Wants Hulu

Can you send me a Hulu invite also?


Dave Drager

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can i can an invite too? thank you!


Hey, do you think you could send me an invite?


P.S. Great Newsletter!
it’s really been quite a help

Dave Drager

RJ: Received this message: This email address has already been associated with a Hulu account. Did you sign up or is the site having problems with the invitations?


thank you so much for this list. i have never subscribed to cable! if you still have invites left, i would like to try hulu. – pam

Dave Drager

Pam: Invite sent!


Great post, if any are left could I get a Hulu invite please.


I signed up with InviteShare, and I believe I sent out a few invites to GrandCentral (but they’re not showing up yet). If it doesn’t work, I’ll return here to try to get one.


Great post, mind if i get one your hulu invites?

Dave Drager

Sent Ryan!


Great post!

Can I get an invite?



Way back when I first signed on with suscom it wasn’t to bad, but when my bills started approaching a hundred dollars a month for cable internet and tv I called it quits. I have tried joost but wasn’t impressed. I have been looking to get in on Hulu since I heard about it and would appreciate an invite if you’ve got another to spare. Awesome and concise article thanks Dave.


Dave Drager

Invitation sent – I’m all out of Invites now! Thanks for the interest everyone. Please use Inviteshare to try to get invited to Hulu or any other of the private beta websites.


I’d really like to try Hulu (any invites left?). Thanks!


comments aren’t working.

nathan gathright

if I’m tallying correctly. I missed the hulu invites by one invite :(

I’d like one if’ve you’ve got it


If one doesn’t count those already with accounts (and I’m tallying correctly as well), then there should be one invite left, which I’d really appreciate one as I’ve ditched cable due to cost here in SF and NBC broadcasts very poorly out of San Jose so I’m missing the shows that you wrote are available via Hulu. (I.e. Not to just “try out”, but to use fully and evangelize!)

Btw, kudos on a great article and website! Cheers!


Better yet get a cheap LCD TV and connect your PC to it – like this dude has his
( techavid.com ) .

He even details how to use his TV to surf the net! Thanks to stumbleupon this set up I cut the cord a few months ago!

Ashutosh Mishra

1.I use Miro.
2.I like Hulu as well.
3.I hate Joost.
4.I hadn’t heard of ABC before.



Another one to mention is TVU Networks and its Broadcasting ability. You can have your own channel to stream whatever shows you want, or you could just get the player and check out all the other channels out there.


Matt Alexander

TVU Player is what I use. 24/7 Real time Comedy Central, sports channels, SpikeTV, …

Use Torrents

Using sites like wortharchiving.com allows one to download tv shows with expired copyrights legally.


could i get an invite if im not too late?


shoot too late, oh well. i’ll try invite share


Hulu Invite Please? Does it work on a mac?
mikeleejordan AT gmail.com


hi can i get a hulu invite? looks awesome.. chrisishere [at] gmail [dot] com


Probably already used up, but I would love a Hulu invite.

The Apple

any Hulu invites left?


I like MyEasyTV.com, because its free and it has real live TV stations. Sites listed in the articles aren’t really giving you real TV stations


Got any Hulu invites left, if so id love to try that out… Thanks!



Ditched my cable subscription almost a year ago. Stopped watching tv almost two years before that. Bought a Mac mini, hooked it up to the tv. Subscribed to a sh*t load of podcasts and since then: never a dull moment. I’m off cable for good (or as long as podcasts stay this spontaneous and fun as opposed to scripted crap on cable).



with apple tv we are very close to this reality . . .
i mean im paying close to 130$ a month for TV . .
soo. . . im sure i can pay itunes less and get away with more . .

we’re close . .


I would love a hulu invite


surfthechannel.com > all =p


I know its not free, but Netflix offers unlimited online streaming for over 5000 shows and movies. As long as you have the one out at a time unlimited you can stream everything you want and they are adding stuff all the time.


can i have a hulu invite?


Could I get an invite to hulu??? sounds awesome.. ingenierovazquez@gmail.com


Could I please get a hulu invite as well?


Great article, saved and dugged!

Can I get a Hulu invite too, please? joe.woah@gmail.com

I will pay it forward here, I hope everyone getting them are paying the favor forward… but for now, there is openhulu.com too.


Hulu Invite? Probably to late but what the hell…


Raj Viswanathan

Can I please have an invite please…Thanks for the great information even if you don’t have any..

Michael Ocean

Hulu invite from anyone, please! I ditched cable and antenna TV, but I’m drowning in Netflix TV DVDs. :( I’d rather just stream!


Invite PLEASE!



Can I get a Hulu invite please?


Jon Hughes

I would love to give hulu a shot, if you have any invites left.


could i get an invite to hulu





and is there any way to tap into the cable companies to get their broadcasting online for free?


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Looking for a HULU invite. Please and thank you.


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Michael Mather

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Could you kindly send me an invite to HULU




Brilliant post. Any chance you’ve an invite left?



A big point is missing from this article. Almost all of these options are for residents of USA only.


I would be really grateful if someone sent a Hulu invite to me at Alejandrrroh@gmail.com

I’m going to try Invite Share but if I get an invite here I’ll gladly give my invites to the others from these comments.



Can i get an invite to Hulu perchance?

Gamefreak059 (at) hotmail.com



Some awesome sites, tried Joost and it was alright, but does anyone have an invite to Hulu, invite share has a long list.

To send an invite click my name and it will take you to my contact page.



Invite to Hulu por favor?


Thanks….will definitely do the same.

Bradley Allen

I would be obliged for a Hulu invite. Can some one please send one my way? bradallen1@gmail.com




hulu invite please…


i will send out invites to those who request them…


Likewise on the Hulu invite, if anyone has any – Sharing is caring!

Thanks a ton for the article!


i use axisaccess

a how to film is on metacafe


i know is probably too late, but please hulu invite?


Would really appreciate an invite to HULU looks really kewl would luv to check it out.


In invite from anyone would be great!




I would also really appreciate a hulu invite.



Could you send me an invite for Hulu? Thanks!!!


I’d love a Hulu invite.

We’re watching Joost right now on our tv and we love it. Anime, The Tick, Fantasy Island, World of Stupid…lots of stuff to watch if you’re into things other then the usual dregs.

Super man

Could you send me an invite please for hulu, thank you


He said he doesn’t have any more invites left. Stop asking! Geeze!

Super man

could you please send me an invite, thanks!!

Robert W.

Hey, think I could get a Hulu invite?

Gregg Sewell

Please send a Hulu invite.


gs (at) greggsewell (dot) com


Could you send me an invite for HULU…Thanks!


hey, thank for the article that awesome and i think these are amazing altenatives, i’ll probably end up ditching my cable, also can anyone please send me an invite to Hulu at pirat3monk3y@gmail.com thanks.


Hi folks,

My name is Christina and I work at Hulu. I noticed a bunch of readers were interested in getting Hulu beta invites. We’ve created a page at http://www.hulu.com/beta/makeuseof that will provide the first 500 users a Hulu beta invitation. Just submit your email address and we will send you an automated email with your temporary login and password. We hope you will enjoy!

Let us know what you think after you check it out. feedback@hulu.com


You can put a stop to my boredom!! Please PLEAASE an invite to javiwankenobi@hotmail.com I need it more than anybody in here, see, i dont even have a cable company to diss… I just moved in and have no cable. PLEASE, PLEASE


any hulu invites still out there?


hulu invite please?



Can I also have a invite, digital.death@hotmail.com

Felix Hu

I would love an invite to Hulu too to see what all the fuss is about.



Robert Cook

Can I please get a hulu invite ? Thanks :-)


I would also love an invite, please.



Could i please get a hulu invite? thanks!


I dumped my cable provider almost a year ago and I will never go back. We get Netflix and have seen all the great series that we’ve missed because we could not afford HBO/SHOWTIME and all the other providers. Now we just set up the que. We finished Dexter and are on Weeds. We’ve gone through all the Star Gate series. For regular broadcasts we have an antenna. We get 7 channels, but they compliment Netflix perfectly. PBS, ABC, NBC and a few other locals. My only regret is that I can’t get the local Fox affilate (well, that and the History Channel.) I’m considering using a small dish (that’s already attached to the house) and grabbing the free sat Fox LA affilate.
The only thing is: I can’t get rid of the Cable completely. I need something for internet and the phone company wants to own my cell, plus wants me to have a land line which I don’t need.
Well, I’m off to watch some commercial free TV.


can i get a hulu invite too




I would love a hulu invite if anyone has one 8)


Please with the HULU.

U guys are awesome



invite sent


Please may I have a hulu invite if you have any left?

Great post and thanks so much for the information!

Sam Shneidman

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Sam Shneidman

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thanks again!

Scott Mead

I would also like an invite to HULU, can anyone please send me an invite? thank you in advance. Great Artical. scottymead@gmail.com


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Hi Dave,
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Hi Dave,
Can I please have an invite to hulu if you have any remaining??




Can I get a HULU invite





Great post! Can I grab a hulu invite also?


give email for invite.


I gues you have to be in US to view the abc shows.


I would like a hulu invite pls. Thanks ~


If anybody has a Hulu invite I would much appreciate it.

jtgamble AT gmail DOT com


A Hulu invite would be excellent if someone has one.


Chucky C

I use WorldWideMediaProject.com for international content.


Or use comcasts Fancast:


Watch full episodes and you don’t have to be a customer…. my favorite besides this is ABC’s ad based version and Joost!


can anyone invite me to hulu

greatrauf (at) gmail (DOT) come

sorry but i didnt want spam :-)

Rob Cabral


cabral.ro AT neu DOT edu


Send me an invite to Huru someone please. That would be bloody nice of you.


Dave Drager

To anyone still looking for Hulu invites – a site has been set up by Hulu for Makeuseof readers to sign up for Hulu!


500 invites total through this site. I’m all out of invites personally! They only give you 10.


How about this proposition, you give me an invite at rmarshall@dsl.pipex.com or i jab ya in the gums with mi’ screwdriver!

John Griffiths

Cool stuff!

would love an invite ?


Could someone send me an invite to Hulu?

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Norm Thom

I should really like an invite to Hulu
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I like sports so I am screwed


Please could you invite me also!
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Abhishek Sharma

Hulu looks great.btw could u send me an invite: AbhiSharm@gmail.com


which of these will work with dial up connection?


Mike Ray

I would also like an invite for hulu if you have any. Thanks


You mistakenly wrote that Joost has “Top Gear” available, but, unfortunately, that’s not correct. They have “Fifth Gear,” which is the same type of show, but nowhere near as good.


I would like Hulu Invite Code, thanks


I’ve seen Hula and Joost before. Nice to know that Miro has a built in rss and BT client.

Its a bummer that some network websites don’t have all their shows. I guess it depends on the deal between the network and the production company who made the show.

Great article. Please send me a Hula invite if they are still available.




If there are any left, can you please send me a Hulu invite? Thanks!


Don’t need to replace cable till sites on the internet get better quality than TV. i only found ABC’s Lost to be shown in HD. until all the other places get on that. ill stick to the guaranteed quality of TV.


Please send me a Hulu invite. The Makeuseof readers 500 is used up or not working properly. If someone has some invites I would appreciate it.


The makeuseof beta invites are giving me a “email address already linked to a account” bug apprently.

I would still love a Hulu invite to matrixclown [AT] gmail.com
thank you so much


If anybody has any more invites and would not mind sending one my way at conrad[dot]davis[at]gmail.com


Awesome, I just got a new TV/Video card to watch movies from my computer.

Joost is pretty okay so far. Late for Hulu :\, but I wonder if they’re offering the videos at the same or above resolution as broadcast.

fromyellowtoorange atsignhere gmail.com

If anyone has any left.


Hi. would love to get an invite for Hulu!




I also have 10 invites, if you need one, email me at saphyrre [at] gmail.com.


I got mine, I think from InviteShares. Either my security/greasemonkey/noscript settings are messing with InviteShares, or I’m not smart enough to figure out how to send invites through InviteShares, because I can’t click on an email address to send out invites. It gives me a confirm button instead, which I can’t confirm at that time since I haven’t sent one out.

I can’t highlight the email addresses to copy them either (probably a good thing for spam control, but darn). So I manually typed a few addresses into Tbird to send out some GrandCentral invites, but I’m not into that much trouble in order to send out invites to Hulu.

So, take my comment nick, add gmail.com to it, and I’ll send it that way until I’m out.

Jason Nunez

Can I get an Invite?


Good article. I have been without cable for about 2 years. Currently I am paying $20 a month for internet which is great and saving me some cash. I get the main channels with an antenna (in HD), but I hardly ever watch my favorite shows when they air b/c I hate commercial. I download or watch them online and it has worked great for me. While the content I download isn’t the greatest quality I can still watch it on my tv via streaming it to my xbox360 plus I don’t have to sit through commercials. I also use most of the other services like Joost, but I have yet to try HULU, but would love to give it a try. If anyone has an invite they are willing to part with I would love to try it out. Email: val_molina8420@yahoo.com

David (davidaah)

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Hey guys!
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I need a Hulu invite…

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Can someone send a hulu invite?

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Tyler Poole

I currently use the rss feeds from tvrss.net and eztv.it and a bittorrent client to completely replace my cable. Hard drive space is not too big of an issue so i tend to manually delete the shows that i will never watch again. Its been working out great for me so far but i will definitely check out Hulu and FreeTube.


Could I also have an invite to Hulu please?


love the article……..can someone please send me a HULU invite at mubashar65@gmail.com……..Thanks a million.


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Chris Wilson

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great article dave. I have been using joost for some time.

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I don’t quite see the stronger advantage in this live streaming or online viewing. I actually thought the title of the subject suggested that there was a cable connection alternative that perhaps decodes or unblocks network channels that are basically free in specific states as opposed to cable paid for cause it’s not syndicated. it was my own dream. But this is rather an cool evolution to a revolution in watching your favorite programs. As it is obvious these sites will become better over time and get more programs that are popular to viewers to be seen by it’s subscriber’s; I like the idea of it. It still is a movement in itself and i would like to be a part of it. scount me in fellas im all about beatin the machine.

Tyler Volz

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I would love to get a hulu invite too!

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David La Buda

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Hi I just have a question. Why is everyone asking for an invite to hulu? I just went to the site ans signed up. Does getting an invite get your special privileges as opposed to just signing up on the site? Any answers are appreciated


Thist post was published in February. Hulu has probably opened up to the public in the meantime.


Online Video Guide



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hey its great
i want a invite too

BoB Tollman

thanks for the info, I use this site for all my free movies, TV and cable viewing

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If you just search on your favorite search engine you can find episodes easily. Often they are even in HD.


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Please send me ahulu invite ?


please send me a HULU invite…thanks



Would love invite…Would also like more information about getting tv content without the cable bill…just cut it out….was over $200….way too much….I have been using fancast for most of my shows and then heading to lifetime for the others…been ok for now, but would like more alternatives which do not require me to be a computer programmer… Thanks everyone!!


if u dont mind could u spare me an invite thanks!


Hello Dave can you send me an invite to jimmywmce@hotmail.com thanks and Happy Holidays.


Please send me an invite to imageben@yahoo.com


Great tip! Pls. send me a Hulu invite. Thanks


do you still have any Hulu invites or know where I can get one? $60/month for cable – yeah they’re crazy, I’ll need to start liking to read :)


I can’t believe people still ask for “Hulu invites”.

Hulu is free at http://www.hulu.com but afaik it only works for people located inside the USA.


There is a new site http://www.thetvking.com which provides links to a variety of TV episodes that are legal free to watch online in both the US and the UK. Links for site in Canada and Australia will be coming soon. So for a show like Heores there are links to watch the show in the UK on the BBC Iplayer or in the US through HULU or Fancast. The site also has links to YouTube shows which has episodes from 4OD and Demand Five in the UK. The US network site TheCW has been added with ABC, NBC, FOX and others coming soon.

Dave Drager

Sent your invite!

Gloria Sanchez

well im not sure what you all are saying but.. i want to be able to view movies and good ones to.. so plese can i have some feedback.. what websites are good… help