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This week, Sound Sunday goes instru-mental. Enjoy a collection of free MP3 downloads from independent artists. These tunes provide you with distraction free background music for many activities that require focus and calmness.

Every so often a reader requests an instrumental music 13 Free Instrumental Music Albums From Hard Rock to Classical [Sound Sunday] 13 Free Instrumental Music Albums From Hard Rock to Classical [Sound Sunday] Read More edition. When asked why, many say they find other music too irritating while working. Lyrics can challenge you to think. Instrumental music 11 Instrumental MP3 Albums To Download Free [Sound Sunday] 11 Instrumental MP3 Albums To Download Free [Sound Sunday] Read More on the other hand crowds out distractions, making it a great backdrop for studying, reading, or other tasks that require focus and a calm mind 11 Free Instrumental MP3 Albums To Relax And Calm Down [Sound Sunday] 11 Free Instrumental MP3 Albums To Relax And Calm Down [Sound Sunday] Read More .

Instrumental Singles

Genre: ambient, experimental, rock, post-rock

Genre: alternative, indie, electronic, rock, afrobeat

Orchestral Folk

Genre: orchestral, medieval, folk, soundtrack

This debute album of mine contains 20 unique tracks and over 96 minutes of fantasy, folk, ethnic, orchestral and soundtrack music. If you like the music and download this album, a little donation will be appreciated. Please contact me if you want to use my music in movies, games, presentations etc.
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: beats, jazzy, lo-fi

The Netherlands have brought forth [many unique musicians], so the name ”The Dutch” was quickly conceived. The concept behind [the album] is to offer the listener [a playlist] they can listen to while traveling; ”headphones music”.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: experimental, funk, jazz, rock

Alan Vaughan presents a collection of freely improvised tracks.

Instrumental Rock

Genre: ambient, experimental, post-rock

A quiet record that feels just like a run of water; rock elements washed with soft melodies.

Genre: ambient, acoustic, downtempo, post-rock

This album is presented by GO4awalk, a Russian independent net-label for walkers and contemplatives. The album itself is dedicated to the still atmosphere of winter. The artist writes: “At first there was a plan to leave the album the way it was (i.e. experimental improvisations) and put it out as a side project of Semyon Korenkovich. But afterwards additional textures started to appear – bass lines, percussions, extra guitars etc., so it was decided to put the album out under the name of Sö.”
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: classic rock, blues, psychedelic

Cronenberg is a three piece classic rock 15 Free Classic Rock Music Downloads [Sound Sunday] 15 Free Classic Rock Music Downloads [Sound Sunday] Rock is the ultimate music genre. It's one of the most diverse and influential styles ever seen. Rock is a state of mind and a way of life. This edition features classic & hard rock. Read More & blues band from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Genre: alternative, indie, americana, rock

Magnolia Music offers instrumental tracks for media license. Unfortunately, they didn’t add any links whatsoever to their Bandcamp page. Worse even, there appears to be a competing music label with almost the same name from New Orleans.

Genre: melodic, progressive, rock, metal

Sithu Aye is a one man recording band from the greeny hills of Scotland. A fan says “Once again Sithu Aye brings some spectacular riffage in his brand of “happy” metal. This one sounds GREAT, too: you can tell he’s improving on the drum tracking.”
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: progressive, metal, post rock

My name is Anup Sastry. I am a drummer. I am also an audio engineer and producer. I currently play drums for Jeff Loomis, (…) in a band called Intervals (based out of Toronto) and another band called Skyharbor (based out of New Delhi).
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: electronic, ambient, rock, metal, metalcore, post-hardcore

Norwegian guitarist and composer Emil Bringsli likes to express himself through his music. What erupts from his core is a dark and melodic sound.

Genre: progressive, metal, solo guitar

Fadjar Ramadhan is a .NET Developer and musician. He plays in the Indonesian Death Metal band FUneral Inception. Devil’s Legacy is the first album of his solo project.

Trap Beats

Genre: trap music, hip hop

This EP contains elements of electronic dance music Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday] Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday] After the party is before the party and a playlist is never completed. Add some fresh tunes to your electronic dance collection with free downloads from independent artists. That's Sound Sunday. Read More and heavy beats. It completes a sampling of instrumental music which crossed many genres.

Final Question

For what tasks do you use instrumental music 11 Free Instrumental MP3 Albums To Download From Bandcamp [Sound Sunday] 11 Free Instrumental MP3 Albums To Download From Bandcamp [Sound Sunday] Read More and what genre works best for you?

If you would like to see your music or your favorite genre featured on Sound Sunday or need a playlist for a special event, let us know in the comments or get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter or email tina at this domain.

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  1. Robert K
    March 31, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    As usual, thanks a million for the fantastic music, Tina!

    It seems that this time, however, your suggestions (asides from the "InstruMetal" ones) will not help me discover new music, per se, as I'm actually ALREADY following everyone recommended in this edition, except for, as I said, the artists in the InstruMetal category.

    Well, at least that proves that you and I are on the same wavelength regarding great Bandcamp artists, eh?

    Anyway, have a fantastic week, Tina, and I hope that I can hold out until next week's Sound Sunday...

    Until then, Ciao!