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Dead simple web application that helps you visualize and compare TV screen sizes by mapping one display size on top of the other. Not sure about display size? DisplayWars will show you just how big the size difference really is.

DisplayWars - Compare TV Screen Sizes

You can use it to compare two different display types with different dimensions (say a ’52 inch Plasma’ and a ’34 inch HDTV’) or more as reference tool by comparing your own TV against something you’re planning to buy. Along with a comparison screenshot you also get a bunch of other size-related details. See below

DisplayWars - TV Display Size Comparison

Comparison Settings:

  • Available Aspect Ratios: Widescreen 16×9 (TV), Widescreen 16×10 (Monitor), 4×3 (TV), 2.35:1 (Projector Screen).
  • Diagonal size: type in inches or centimeters.

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