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Quickly check the size of free space on every hard drive and partition connected to your Mac. DiskSpace is a free Mac app that quickly breaks down how much data is on all of your drives. There’s no graphical breakdown of what is taking up data on your drive offered – just a list of how much data is on each drive and how much free space they offer.

There is, however, quick shortcuts to your Mac’s Disk Utility, great if you need to verify or otherwise modify your drives, Finder, great if you need to delete some files to save space, and your Mac’s Preferences, because why not?


You can also quickly see which folders in your home folder are taking up the most space. For me this didn’t work quite as advertised – the home folder I actually use, on my non-solid-state-drive, wasn’t accepted by the program (it’s why the following screenshot shows me as only using 15 MB).


Only being able to check out your own home folder could also be frustrating for Macs with multiple accounts – the software offers no real way to see who is using up all the space.


Of course, on newer Macs functionality similar to this is built in – simply click the Apple on the top-left, click “About This Mac”, click “More Info”, then click the “Storage” tab. You’ll see an iPod-style breakdown, with somewhat of a summary as to content:

So there’s an alternative if you don’t want to install yet another app, but if you’d rather not dig around in menus that long just to check your drive space, however, DiskSpace is probably just right for you.


Check out DiskSpace @ The Mac App Store

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