Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App Pashadelic

   Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App PashadelicWhether you’ve lived in the same city for 10 years or visiting as a tourist for a few days, one of the greatest ways to discover everything a city has to offer is by going on photowalks. While you can easily find the most popular tourist spots, or stumble across photography treasure troves simply by heading off the beaten path, there’s an app that can make the discovery a little easier.

Free iOS app Pashadelic makes it possible to look up photos that are nearby, or in any city of your choice. Pashadelic is part social network, part photography-sharing app, and part location/travel app.

When you first launch the app, you can sign up for a free account using your Facebook account, or simply using your email address. Once you’ve logged in, the first tab you’ll see contains thumbnails of photos that were posted using the app nearby.

Pashadelic1   Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App Pashadelic

You can also browse the most popular photos, and the newest photos, shared on Pashadelic. When viewing photos you can toggle between several options Рincluding a grid display or large thumbnails, much in the same way that Instagram displays images. When it comes to searching for photos, you can do so by city name or landmark.

Pashadelic2   Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App Pashadelic

You can like individual photos, or mark them as ‘Wanna Go‘ – making Pashadelic a great way to keep track of landmarks and places you want to see when you travel. Interaction with other users goes beyond just liking their photos, as with a heavy social network element to the app, you can follow them as well to keep up with their latest images.

You can also view the exact location the photo was taken on Google Maps within the map. Hit the ‘Route‘ button and the location will be launched in the Google Maps app, making it easy to get directions directly to the exact spot where the photo was taken.¬†User profiles will display their latest photos, in a grid, the photos they’ve marked ‘wanna go’ and their friends.

Pashadelic3   Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App Pashadelic

To upload photos, you can either take a photo directly within the photo app, or select a photo that is saved in your camera roll.¬†If your photo doesn’t contain any geotagged information, you’ll have to select the location yourself. While it would be much easier to do so while in the actual location where it was taken, you can also manually drop a pin in the exact spot, but the process could be easier. You can also enter a title, description that helps other users know how you got the shot, tags, and select a category. You can also choose to automatically share your image on Facebook.

Pashadelic4   Discover The Best Places To Take Photos With iOS App Pashadelic

Pasahdelic borrows heavily from Instagram in many ways. It has a similar layout, and the user experience when it comes to finding other photographers and sharing your own photos doesn’t differ much. It even comes with a small set of filters you can apply to your images. The app does, however, set itself apart from other mobile photo sharing apps by giving users a very specific purpose – sharing not only your photos but the location where it was taken so other users can head to the same spot and try their hand at taking a photo there.

Of course, at the end of the day it’s up to you how you choose to use Pashadelic, but with the set of features the app offers, it really lends itself to discovering the city around you through the art of photography.

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