Discover The Sound Of Nature On YouTube

Nature is the best medicine. Natural sounds can decrease anxiety, stress, and pain. If you’re listening to music on YouTube while working or doing chores, you can make nature sounds a part of your day.

Add short nature sound videos to your favorite playlist to remind you of taking breaks or use longer videos while you exercise, meditate, or just want to relax and fall asleep. Pick your favorite nature sounds from the channels below.


The Japanese netlabel K-MusicLife combines nature sounds with chillout music. They call this creation Japanese Chillout. Their collection comprises 15 topical playlists and over 30 recordings of pure environmental sounds.

Relax TV by Johnnie Lawson

Johnnie Lawson is a visual artist from Ireland. Besides painting, he also works with video and photography. For his YouTube channel he went into nature to capture the sounds and visuals of the places where he finds peace and quiet. In his collection of over 100 videos you will find classical music combined with nature, one and eight hour long recordings, as well as a selection of playlists.

I work in a very minimalist way, leaving my message simple and uncluttered. I feel that the pace of life has become too fast, I am therefore interested in slowing down our pace of looking and listening. I believe that the mess society and the planet are in could be avoided if we weren’t in such a rush. Our bodies and minds also function better at the pace of nature rather than the frantic pace that we are all encouraged to live at, a pace that is mostly about keeping the wheels of commerce turning. ~Johnnie Lawson
Source: Facebook

Relaxing White Noise

This channel specializes in white noise. Recordings include a babbling brook in the woods, rain falling onto an RV, the crackles of a fireplace, the sound of a lawn sprinkler, and the monotonous routine of an air conditioner. On the main channel you can browse videos by subject, including rain and nature. Each video is 10 hours long to give you an entire night of relaxing white noise audio.

Relaxing Ambient Sounds

As with the previous channel, all videos here are 10 hours or longer. The audio is recorded in 30 to 60 minute segments and edited to exclude distracting sounds like passing cars. Each final video contains multiple segments that are combined in a mixed order. Austin describes the process in detail, revealing how much thought and effort goes into each piece. So sit back and relax thoroughly.


David Huting presents nature in its pure and simple beauty for you to enjoy. The sounds are accompanied by stunning visuals. Most videos are an hour long.

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive. ~Eleanora Duse

Sights & Sound for your Mind

Brian Knight presents sounds by knight. The independent filmmaker, photographer, audio engineer, and graphics designer has crafted over a dozen relaxing sounds for your mind. The hour long recordings include thunderstorms, ocean and wave sounds, waterfalls, birds, wind chimes, and croaking frogs.


Most videos on this channel were filmed in central Florida and range from one to 10 hours. Channel categories include videos of rain, winter snow storms and winds, and rain sounds with classical music.

Where Do You Connect With Nature?

Recordings cannot replace nature. But maybe the sound of the wild can remind you to slow down, take a break, and reconnect. After all, humans are a part of nature.

How do you return to the roots?

Image Credit: Milford Sound by Kenneth Pfeifer via Flickr

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